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Graduate Student Ambassador Program






What is a Graduate Student Ambassador (GSA)?
Graduate Student Ambassadors are graduate students who are interested in developing a robust graduate community at NYU. In order to do so, GSAs facilitate excursions for other graduate students in and around the city.
Who sponsors this program?
This program is sponsored by the Student Resource Center. We provide logistical and financial support for the GSAs to ensure their program is a success!
Can I go anywhere and do anything with other grads?
Well, yes, but within reason! Programs will be approved by the Student Resource Center, but each GSA is given a budget to spend as they wish. What do you want to do with other grads in the city?
How many programs do I need to facilitate?
Each GSA facilitates 2 programs per semester and must attend a one-day training at the beginning of the semester.
Is there any compensation?
We don’t pay our GSAs, but each GSA will receive $100 in campus cash to do as they please for the semester. This can be used at NYU dining facilities, the bookstore, and various vendors around NYU.
Why should I apply to be a GSA?
Being a GSA is a great opportunity to meet and explore the city with other grads. Since you also control your programs, you get to decide what to spend money on in the city!
This sounds great, how can I apply?
Applications for the Graduate Ambassador Program are available in at the beginning of the academic year -- please stay tuned for the the 2012 - 2013 application in August of 2012.
Is there anyone that I could talk to about the GSA program?
Of course! Please email the Student Resource Center at or call us at 212.998.4937
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The Application for the 2013-2014 academic year is currently closed. 

For more information:
Please email the Student Resource Center at or call us at 212.998.4937
Grad Ambassador Program
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