Welcome to our exceptional community of scholars, scientists, athletes, innovators, change agents, artists, entrepreneurs, hackers, and academics from around the world. Next Stop NYU Spring will guide you through tasks and deadlines from now until you arrive on campus in January. This site includes major University-wide deadlines, resources, and tools, but you can also expect to hear from your school and other NYU offices with more personalized information — and more to-dos.

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But first...

Four things to do before you dive into Next Stop NYU deadlines.

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1. Activate your NYU email. After you're accepted, all official communications are sent to your new NYU email address. Don't miss important news and deadlines — activate your account today and set up Multi-Factor Authentication at start.nyu.edu.

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2. Share your excitement. Cue the weekly #humblebrag and use your class hashtag to discover new classmates and future BFFs: for freshmen, the tag is #NYU2023.

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3. Get connected. Browse the Social Media Directory to start following NYU offices, groups, and accounts that current students use to stay in-the-know and spot free events — and free food — across campus.

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4. Make a plan. No one likes to wake up in a panic as you realize that the immunization history forms — which may require a doctor's appointment to complete — are due in a few hours. Review the calendar of deadlines to understand what will be expected in the coming months.

Helpful Resources...

Tailored for students starting at NYU in the Spring semester.

School and Program Specific Information

To find out more about your school's new student orientation programs, academic advising and other school related information,  please see below:

For New Freshmen:

For New Transfers