You have officially accepted NYU's offer to start at our New York campus — nicely done! You've made a life-changing choice and are in the perfect place to start your journey: this website will guide you through tasks and deadlines from May until you arrive in the Fall semester. 


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But first...

Four things to do before you dive into Next Stop NYU deadlines.

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1. Activate your NYU email. After you're accepted, all official communications are sent to your new NYU email address. Don't miss important news and deadlines — activate your account today and set up Multi-Factor Authentication at

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2. Share your excitement. Cue the weekly #humblebrag and use your class hashtag to discover new classmates and future BFFs: for freshmen, the tag is #NYU2024.

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3. Get connected. Browse the Social Media Directory to start following NYU offices, groups, and accounts that current students use to stay in-the-know and spot free events — and free food — across campus.

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4. Make a plan. No one likes to wake up in a panic as you realize that the immunization history forms — which may require a doctor's appointment to complete — are due in a few hours. Check back here in May.  We will have a calendar of deadlines for you to review. Review the calendar of deadlines to understand what will be expected throughout the summer.

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Next Stop NYU is presented by the Center for Student Life in the Division for Student Affairs


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