It’s wonderful that so many people’s first reaction is, “How can I help?” Unless you have disaster response training, the answer right now is to donate money and supplies, and to keep survivors in your thoughts as the specific needs and opportunities to serve are identified.

We know that our community here in New York wants to help in any way possible, so we have compiled some resources to help you make the biggest impact:

Puerto Rico

In response to the hurricanes in Puerto Rico, here are some organizations and ways to give back:

Students with Puerto Rico

Unidos por Puerto Rico; AmeriCares; GlobalGiving

As with any disaster relief support, please utilize Charity Navigator to determine strong resources for relief efforts. 


In response to the earthquake in Mexico, here are some organizations and ways to give back:

Non-profit rescue brigade 

Global Giving; UNICEF Mexico; Oxfam Mexico; Save the Children Mexico


For a run-down of how to donate money and supplies, read this excellent New York Times article and this article from NPR. In addition to the organizations listed here, several organizations have set up Amazon wish lists, if you want to purchase donations online.

In many disaster situations, one of the highest needs is blood donations. Get information about donating blood, and find a drive near you here.

Feeding Texas has a list of Food Banks that would be good to contribute to in this time of need.

South Asia

Mass flooding and landslides in South Asia have overwhelmed areas of Bangladesh, Nepal, and India.  Relief agencies like the Red CrossUNICEF's Children's Emergency FundIslamic Relief, the Nomi Network, and Save the Children are on the ground to address the crisis.

Rebuilding after these disasters is going to take a long time, and a lot of resources. Please keep the residents of all of these and their surrounding regions in your thoughts.

NYU Crisis and Disaster Response

All too often in recent years, headlines have brought news of terrible disasters in our world. Whether international or domestic, natural or man made, these crises prompt us to ask how we can use our resources to help those directly impacted.

At New York University, students have responded to large-scale disasters by hosting fundraisers, organizing donation and blood drives, and planning campus-wide vigils. As members of a global community, it is important that we support relief efforts, as well as provide resources to those on our own campuses who have been touched by tragedy. If you are an NYU community member looking to organize or join disaster response efforts, please consider the following:

Student-Led Response

Student organizations and Student Government are often the main mobilizers of campus response efforts. Check NYU OrgSync to connect with student clubs.

Events and Programs

When events, vigils, or fundraisers are planned, information can be found on the NYU Service Facebook page.

Online Tools

Google Person Finder can help victims of a disaster connect with friends and loved ones. Person Finder allows users to look for or post information about people in six languages. Safety Check is a similar tool offered by Facebook.

Support is Always Available

Students in need of emotional support or counseling services should reach out to the Wellness Exchange — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — at 212.443.9999 or by dialing 9999 from any campus phone. (Click here to find the local Wellness Exchange phone number for students in NYU Abu Dhabi, NYU Shanghai, or at an NYU global site.) Students may also reach out to the Office of Global Spiritual Life on campus.