AIMORE Volunteers at The Door

NYU Student Volunteers working with The Door, organizing clothes for runaway homeless youths

Aimore is a student organization under NYU Service that encourages students to volunteer weekly for a minimum of 2 hours to a non-profit/activity that caters towards a specific community. Teams of 5-7 students serve on different days depending on their availability, and the activities differ to diversify the experience. 

In the past, Aimore has focused on homelessness. Two teams of 5-7 students have organized The Door's closet for runaway homeless youths while other two teams of 5~7 students have asked NYU students to donate mealswipes in order to distribute meals to homeless people around the campus. 

The volunteering activities change semesterly depending on what social issue we focus on for the semester. For the Spring Semester of 2019, we are choosing to focus on working with children.  

We have three shifts this semester: 

Mondays: Making comforters for pets in shelters.

Saturdays: 2:00-4:00- Exercising with children with disabilities through KEEN

Check out our social media platforms to see what we do:

Instagram: @aimore_nyu

Facebook: @NYUAimore 

LinkedIn: @aimorebyNYUService

These are our three essential mission statements

Aim more – we encourage students to come together and commit to making a difference, aiming to make more impact and grow in our understanding of social issues. 

I am more –Students will have opportunities in their groups to be leaders, involved and heard so that there is growth in both the organization and the individual

Amore & 爱(ai) more – We value the unique knowledge, passion, and background that each individual can offer. With compassion and commitment, each student will build Aimore into a safe and loving space.

If you are interested in joining, please email, and make the subject head "Interested in Aimore".

Below are three active volunteers who fell in love with Aimore: