Your 2018-2019 Transfer Ambassador (TA) team is excited to welcome you!  TA's are student leaders who successfully transferred and transitioned to NYU. TAs assist the Student Resource Center with providing fun and interactive programming for new and returning transfer students.  TAs are trained to provide support, resources, and advisement to transfer and transitioning students who are in the process of acclimating to NYU and New York City. From checking out events and tours around NYC, to information sessions about studying abroad and career services, you'll want to make time to attend their events throughout the year. Your TA's are also here to answer any questions you have about NYU. 

Every summer incoming transfer students are contacted about being matched with a TA! TAs are here to acquaint you with life as a student at NYU and guide you through your first semester at NYU.  Incoming transfer students are matched with a TA based on their interests and area of study. If you have general questions regarding the Transfer Ambassadors program, please email