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Transfer Ambassadors are matched with new transfer students to serve as a role model and peer mentor, advocate throughout their transfer experience, and provide guidance and support.

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At the Student Resource Center (SRC), we recognize that students transferring or visiting from other universities, as well as those students transitioning from our abroad sites, have already had some college experience and know what it is like to be a college student. Our job is to help you understand what it is like to be an NYU student and to help you navigate a new campus, new policies and procedures, and a new campus culture.

For transfers, we understand that you may have many questions about your transfer credits, financial aid, and academic advising. For both transfers and transitioning students, we want to help you get involved and become familiar with the variety of resources that will help you with your acclimation to a new campus.

With the help of Transfer Ambassadors and professional staff from Transfer Student Programs at the SRC, you will be provided opportunities to attend fun and informative programs that will help you to meet other students. Check out the various links below to learn more about ways to get involved with one of our many programs.