Reasonable Housing Accommodations

In accordance with applicable federal, state, and city disability laws, New York University will review your request for reasonable accommodations, if you:

Housing accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis, taking the student’s documented disability-related need and prevailing standards for reasonable accommodations into consideration. New York University has established the following procedures to ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to New York University’s housing resources:

Requesting Reasonable Housing Accommodations

Step 1

Read the appropriate Informational Packet:

Step 2

Submit the Request for Reasonable Housing Accommodations.

Step 3

Ensure the following forms are complete:

Email completed forms and any supporting documentation to

Information provided to the Moses CSD is kept confidential and will only be shared in the Student Health Center as necessary to evaluate the request.

Your request and supporting documentation will be reviewed by a committee consisting of representatives from CSD and the Student Health Center, including medical and counseling professionals. The committee meets bimonthly.

  • Please be aware that requesting a reasonable academic accommodation is a separate process.
  • Because of the varied impact a disability can have on different major life activities, CSD reserves the right to request separate, specific documentation for each housing or academic accommodation application.