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Mindfulness Resources and Media


Basic Instructions for Meditation

  1. Make sure to eliminate distractions you may have brought with you to the meditation suite before entering the room by turning off any electronic devices you have.
  2. Choose a spot in the room where you feel comfortable and are not too crowded by fellow meditators, and select a cushion if you wish.
  3. Relax your body into a position that feels comfortable to you. This can be sitting cross-legged, but it does not have to be. Make sure that you have a straight back so that you can take deep breaths, and adjust your position as you strive to eliminate any tension in your body.
  4. Begin to focus on your breathing, the feeling of inhaling a sustaining breath of air, holding that air in your lungs for a few seconds, and then slowly exhaling. You may experience racing thoughts, fatigue, or restlessness — this is all normal. Keep bringing your attention back to the inhale and exhale of your breath.
  5. Once you are somewhat settled in your breath, notice what is happening in the room and in your body — including sounds, sensations, thoughts, emotions — without getting carried away by them. When you do get carried away, simply bring your attention back to your breath and the present moment with gentleness.
  6. Don't give up! There is no such thing as meditating “wrong.” The more you practice, the easier it gets to stay present.

Meditate This!

Two regular guys take on mindfulness and meditation for regular people. Co-hosted by Jason Hollander — one of the founders of MindfulNYU — Meditate This! is funny and fruitful, ponderous and pop cultural. Give it a listen; it may change your whole perspective.

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