What is FOCUS?

FOCUS is a structured mentorship program designed to offer first-year undergraduate students who identify as first generation college students and/or students of color the opportunity to develop relationships with NYU Alumni, Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students who can serve as resources and/or advocates through establishing an ongoing mentoring relationship.

FOCUS assists Mentees in building community at NYU, creating a foundation on NYU’s campus through: opportunities for leadership development, connecting students to The Center for Multicultural Education & Programs (CMEP) and other NYU resources. FOCUS aims to create unity among all participants and ultimately support the educational and personal success of FOCUS mentees.

FOCUS mentees and mentors are selected through an application process. CMEP staff identify points of correlation between applicants to best match areas of support that potential mentors can provide to each student. Although the program can be a resource for career development, pairings are not primarily based on career interests. Instead, FOCUS staff carefully review each application to identify points of correlation (e.g. considering career, social identities, academic interests, hobbies, and goals) between potential matches. Mentors are selected to provide students with the opportunity to develop personal growth, fulfillment, retention, and mentorship that will continue beyond the time span of the program.

How Can I Apply?

Mentor Application

Mentor Requirements:
• Participate for the full academic year
• Establish and maintain monthly face-to-face meetings between mentors & mentees
• Maintain bi-weekly communication schedule (email, phone calls) with your mentee
• Complete all programs and surveys & other assessment materials
• Serve as mentee’s accountability partner and guidance for FOCUS Developmental plan
• Help encourage mentee to schedule and attend FOCUS office hours, appointments with campus resources, and bi-monthly developmental dinners

Mentor deadline is August 23rd at 11:59pm


Mentee Application

Mentee Requirements:

• Participate for the full academic year
• Attend 2 of 3 Developmental Dinners
• Create and submit FOCUS Developmental Plan & Progress Report
• Establish and maintain monthly face-to face meetings with Mentor
• Maintain bi-weekly communication schedule (email, phone calls) with your mentor
• Complete all program feedback surveys
• Schedule and attend appointments with campus resources
• Attend monthly office hours or schedule individual check-ins with FOCUS staff members

Mente deadline is September 4th at 11:59pm