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Intergroup Dialogue


The Intergroup Dialogue Program is a nationally recognized 1 or 2 credit course that brings together small groups of students from diverse backgrounds to share their experiences and gain new knowledge related to diversity and social justice. This 10-week course is open to all NYU undergraduate students, facilitated by graduate students or NYU professionals, and takes place in the Fall and Spring semesters.

The IGD model is designed to promote positive intergroup relations among students, staff, and faculty and improve the campus climate at NYU. The model focuses specifically on intergroup dynamics within the context of an institution of higher education while promoting awareness and change in intergroup relations at the individual, cultural, and institutional levels. The guiding assumption is that diversity is an institutional asset and can be used to enhance growth of the NYU community while also achieving specific educational outcomes.

Past IGD sections include: Race, Gender, Bi/Multiracial, Spirituality, Sexuality, Jewish/Muslim, Arts based Race, Faith and Sexuality, and Jewish/Black.

Spring 2018 Intergroup Dialogue

Become an IGD Facilitator!

Calling all graduate students! If you are interested in being a co-facilitator for IGD please submit an application. In order to apply, you must be available on January 18th & 19th from 10am-3pm for training! Additional session information can be found in the application!

Application Due: December 29th! | Visit to apply!