International Students

New York University is home to the second-highest number of international students in the U.S. with over 5,000 international students and scholars from over 130 different countries.  International students interested in studying at NYU, accepted students planning their trip to New York and international students who have arrived for their studies can turn to the Office for International Students and Scholars for guidance, services, advisement and programs.

In addition to being an invaluable resource while adjusting to life in New York, OGS connects international students with each other as well as other members of the NYU community.  There are a number of programs and events hosted throughout the year aimed to ease the transition into NYU living and to encourage socialization and networking.  From orientation programs to annual International Education Week activities, there are a number of ways for international students to integrate into the greater NYU community while building a network of their own.  For more information, visit the Office of Global Services website