Finding Your Advisor

Academic advisement begins and is centered in a student’s school. The process - including the types of advisement offered and how different types of advisors and advisement work together - is organized by each school in a way that matches its curricular offerings and students' needs. All provide an open-ended, ongoing process that begins during orientation and continues throughout a student’s undergraduate career. Because each student's needs differ and change, academic advising at NYU is multi-layered and available through multiple access points. Select your school below for an overview on how advisement works for you.

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Faculty Advisors

Faculty advisors provide guidance related to both academic and professional pursuits in a particular area of study. Academic advice from faculty complements and extends other forms of academic advisement and classroom learning. They share your passion so this is an opportunity for you to tap into their expertise and involvement as specialists in your area of concentration.

Faculty members serve as intellectual mentors helping students create, build, and implement a cohesive plan involving coursework, independent study and internships, research opportunities, career options, and co-curricular activities that draw broadly from University-wide resources, New York City, and beyond.

In addition to specific content, faculty advisors help you to understand better the process of acquiring and applying knowledge, and to develop an appreciation for exploration, discovery, and the life of the mind.