NYU Precollege Important Dates

These important dates are intended for visiting students at NYU admitted through the Office of University Programs. If you are a current NYU student in a degree or diploma program, you should refer to the policies and procedures of your school or speak with your academic advisor.


Adding a Course Late

Six Week Session:
Instructor approval must be obtained to enroll after the third calendar day of the semester.

Pass/Fail Declarations

Six Week Session:
Pass/fail declarations must be made by the end of the first calendar week.

Withdrawal Schedule (Withdrawal schedules can be found on the University Registrar's Academic Calendar.)

Six Week Session:
A grade of “W” will be issued beginning on the first day of the second calendar week of the session.

Tuition Refund Schedule (Refund schedules can be found at the Office of the Bursar website.)

Six Week Session:
Courses dropped during the first calendar week of the session: 100% tuition and fees
Courses dropped after the first calendar week of the session: NO REFUND