The Academic Resource Center (ARC) serves as the academic home for visiting students admitted through the Office of University Programs at NYU.  In addition to housing academic advising services for visiting students, the ARC also provides academic support services, such as the University Learning Center (ULC), and study spaces that are available for use by visiting students.

If you have already been admitted by the Office of University Programs as a visiting student at NYU, please carefully review the academic policies and important dates for your program.  It is your responsibilty to be familiar with the policies and deadlines that pertain to your program.


The Office of University Programs

The Office of University Programs is a centralized office at NYU that provides support and services to visiting students during all semesters. 

The Office of University Programs also offers the NYU Precollege program, which provides rising juniors and seniors in high school the exciting opportunity to experience academic and student life at NYU during the summer. Students in NYU Precollege take college-level courses for academic credit, which may be applied towards a future degree.  Students in Precollege may choose to live on-campus during the program, or attend as commuting students. If Precollege isn't the right option for you, we offer other High School Programs to fit a wide range of interests and goals.

If you are interested in taking classes at NYU as a visiting student and would like more information on programs available to visiting students and the application process, please visit the application page.

If you have questions about applying as a visiting student, the Office of University Programs can be reached by phone at 212-998-2292 or via email at