Learning Assistants

Benefits of Working as a Learning Assistant

Beyond finding fulfillment in helping others, our Learning Assistants become more confident learners and grow increasingly comfortable with the material they tutor. They reinforce concepts that help them strengthen their foundation for more advanced level studies and their own future endeavors.

As leaders on campus, our LAs' talents and accomplishments are appreciated by NYU faculty and administrators. Oftentimes they are asked to work directly with professors, strengthening those relationships. The academic success and professional development of our student staff are just as important to the ULC as the success of the students that are tutored.

Learning Assistants also form a close community of bright and ambitious students that support each other in school and beyond. ULC alumni have gone on to Teach for America, law school, dental and medical school, and graduate school, and have secured positions in banking and finance. They have won numerous awards, including the Fulbright Scholarship and the Paul and Daisy Fellowship for New Americans. They have been class Valedictorians and Diploma Recipients.  We're proud of our ULC family, and hope you will join our team!

ULC graduates

ULC Learning Assistants

Roles and Responsibilities:

All Learning Assistants must attend a series of training sessions, beginning with the All-Team Training at the beginning of each semester, and continuing with specific sessions throughout the academic year. 

Learning Assistants are also responsible for keeping up with material for any and all classes which they tutor.  (Please note that preference is given to candidates who can tutor multiple courses.)

LAs will be given scheduled shifts for walk-in tutoring hours, and are expected to maintain these shifts weekly throughout the semester.  Shifts can be anywhere from two to six hours long, and multiple shifts may be assigned per week.  While on shift, students will see students on a walk-in basis, answer questions through our on-line platform, develop or prepare for workshops, or work on other projects as assigned.

Through training and tutoring hours, all of our Learning Assistants are required to and will become eligible for ITPC Level 1 Certification (International Tutor Program Certification) (also known as CRLA Certification - College Reading and Learning Association).  Opportunities also exist for higher levels of certification.

In addition to walk-in hours, Learning Assistants are responsible for fulfilling TWO of the following roles each semester:

  • Science PT Leader (General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, or Biology)
  • Bio Bits Leader
  • Study Slam Series Leader
  • Course-specific Learning Assistant (includes one workshop proposal/facilitation)
  • Department Liaison (includes one workshop proposal/facilitation)
  • English Language Support Series (Conversation or Writing)
  • Workshop development and facilitation (*can be done multiple times to fulfill the roles-requirements of a Learning Assistant)


  • Currently enrolled as a full-time matriculated undergraduate student in good academic standing at NYU. Consideration could also be given to students enrolled in the Postbaccalaureate Prehealth Studies Program.
  • Sophomore, Junior, or Senior status by start date.
  • Minimum 3.5 grade point average within major and overall.
  • Recommended by two references. Two academic references preferred.
  • At least one recommendation must be from a professor at NYU in any of the subjects in which you would like to tutor.
  • The second reference should also be from a professor, but can be an NYU administrator (advisor, Dean’s office, etc.) or a supervisor from a part-time job who can speak to your qualities as a potential ULC Learning Assistant.
  • Taken and earned a grade of “A-“ or higher in the course(s) for which you would like to tutor.
  • Comfortable working in a collaborative group environment.


Pay begins at $15.00 per hour for all qualified Learning Assistants.

Timeline for Fall 2017 applicants:

  • March 12, 2017: Online applications available and accepted on a rolling basis.
  • March 31, 2017:  Online application and resume priority deadline.  Applications submitted through April 15 may continue to be reviewed on a rolling basis.  After that date, applications may still be submitted but might not be reviewed or responded to.
  • May 1, 2017: Scheduling grid submission deadline.
  • May 19, 2017:  All references must be received by the University Learning Center. (See Application instructions for further details.)
  • Selected candidates will be invited for an interview through May 2017.  We encourage you to apply early.

Application Instructions:

  • Part 1: Before you begin your application, carefully and completely read the instructions here. Complete and submit the online application form according to the timeline above. You will not be able to save your application to complete later, so prepare to complete it in one sitting.
  • Part 2: Resume -- Submit as an email attachment to University.Learning.Center@nyu.edu according to the timeline above.
  • Part 3:  Download the Scheduling Grid and send the completed form to University.Learning.Center@nyu.edu according to the timeline above.
  • Part 4: References - Two required.  One must be from a professor at NYU in any one of the subjects you would like to tutor; the second reference should also be from a professor, but can be an NYU administrator or a supervisor from a part-time job who can speak to your qualities as a candidate for the ULC.  References should NOT be from relatives. Please use these guidelines and instructions, as well as your judgment, in selecting your references.  The ULC will NOT answer questions about who you should ask for a reference.
    • Please copy and paste this link and email it to your recommender. Please remember to note whether or not you have waived your right to see their recommendation in your email.

Select candidates will be invited for an interview.