The University Learning Center offers one-to-one tutoring on a walk-in basis as well as scheduled group sessions.  Find your class to see our schedule below!

Schedules are subject to change under special circumstances, but our Information Assistants will help direct you to resources.


Where to find us:

  • ARC: Academic Resource Center, 18 Washington Place, Lower Level
    At the bottom of the stairs, keep walking forward towards your right. Take a right around the corner and you'll see our front desk Information Assistant ready to help you!
  • UHall: University Hall, 110 East 14th Street, Main Level
    When you enter the building, go through the door on your right (before the turnstiles). We're at the top of the stairs above UHall Commons. If the door is closed, give a good knock and our Information Assistant will let you in!

ULC Rules and Policies:

Learning Sessions are 30 minutes long and are held on a first-come, first-served basis. Last sign-ins are available 30 minutes before closing (9:30pm Sun - Thurs; 5:30pm Fridays and Saturdays).

Learning Assistants will not work directly on graded homework problems with you, but can talk you through your work to help clarify concepts and themes, and can work on parallel problems with you.

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Walk-in Tutoring Schedule

Check when and where our Learning Assistants are available to help in the classes listed here and visit us then!  No appointments needed - just drop by! (ULC locations are described above, as well as our Rules and Policies.)

Fall 2018 Math Study Halls

Pre-Calc, Calculus I, II, III

Sign-up here: Precalc, Calc I, II & III Study Hall - Monday, December 17th, 4:30 - 6:30pm, ARC LL04

*Tutors who have taken all of these courses will be in attendance and able to assist all levels*

Math for Economics I & II

Sign-up here: Math for Econ I & II Study Hall - Monday, December 17th, 4:30 - 6:30pm, ARC LL02

Group Sessions

Calc I Learning Groups

Calc I LGs (Learning Groups) give you a chance to test your knowledge by answering mulitple choice questions modeled after the exams.  A ULC Learning Assistant will guide you through the answers, both right and wrong, helping you to understand the nuances and solidify your knowledge.

Math for Economics II Bits

MFE Bits is a topic-specific mini-review session that will review material from the past week's lecture(s). Keep up with your studies and review with us! 

Fall 2018 Math Study Slams

To be announced...


Computer Science

Fall 2018 Computer Science Study Slams

To be announced...