The University Learning Center is closed for the winter break

The ULC is closed for the winter break but we will open for the spring semester at 8:30AM ET on Monday, February 8th. 

We will update our website with the spring calendar soon!


One-to-one and Group Learning Sessions

The ULC offers both individual, one-to-one tutoring as well as group sessions to support you in a variety of ways, in a variety of courses!  Please click below to see the support we offer for your class.

Instructions for how to request drop-in tutoring: 

To prepare for your sessions, see our instructions on how to "drop in" online!  Simply put:

  1. Fill out a form (the link is listed with the schedule of courses)
  2. The ULC will contact you through NYU Chat/Hangouts within minutes to get you set up with a Learning Assistant (peer tutor)
  3. We'll send you a link to a ULC Zoom Meeting to begin your session!

ULC Study Smart Series: A semester-long workshop 

We all want to succeed in life. We have countless ideas about what it means to be happy and successful. But sometimes we just need skills and tools to help us get there. That's where this workshop series comes in. We will provide practical strategies and skills for tapping into and nurturing your own happiness, including several research-based activities that foster social and emotional wellbeing and promote an opportunity for growth.

Sign-up on our Academic Resources page!