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Hallmark Awards Introduction

The NYU Student Affairs Hallmark Awards is an annual awards program designed to celebrate best practices and promote community within the Division of Student Affairs, and to promote the Division's use and recognition of the six Student Affairs hallmarks - learning, community, diversity, wellness, quality service, and innovation.

Awards Ceremony

All staff members of the Division of Student Affairs are cordially invited to join Vice President Marc Wais at the 2013 Hallmark Reception on June 6th from 3pm-5pm in the Palladium Multipurpose Room (133 East 13th Street, 3rd floor). Please join us to honor the 2013 recipients. (read more about them here!):

  • Paulina Abaunza
  • Michael Baron
  • Brittany Bummer
  • Tera Nakata
  • Rebekah Thornhill
  • Sophie Ye (undergraduate student employee)
  • Naomi Karp (graduate student employee)


Any full- or part-time staff member within the Division of Student Affairs is eligible for a Hallmark award. New staff members on probation are ineligible, however any employee who has passed probation, regardless of length of service, can be nominated. Additionally, graduate and undergraduate student staff members in Student Affairs are eligible for a Student Employee award.

Nomination Process

Nominations are now closed for the 2012-13 year.


The Hallmark Award recognizes innovative and exemplary staff members and student employees who positively impact students, staff, and/or the University community.  Nominees should demonstrate excellence in one specific Student Affairs Hallmark, or any combination of the six Hallmarks.


Staff members who embody the Learning Hallmark are those who are committed to personal, interpersonal and academic growth; professional development and self-improvement; and nurturing such environments for staff and students.


Staff members who embody the Community Hallmark are those who work to create, support, or strengthen an environment of collaboration, free expression, understanding, encouragement, and/or a sense of belonging for students, staff, or NYU at large.


Staff members who embody the Diversity Hallmark are those who are committed to a spirit of pluralism; build environments of inclusivity and awareness through diversity programs and services; support education and social justice; and value and engage students, staff, or members of the NYU community who differ in culture, race, religion, gender, gender identity and expression, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, national origin, or mental or physical ability.


Staff members who embody the Wellness Hallmark are those who are committed to promoting healthy living, positive decision-making, and/or the social, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of students and/or staff members.

Quality Service

Staff members who embody the Quality Service Hallmark are those who practice and promote cooperation, teamwork, and respect; increase access to and awareness of resources and opportunities; strive to enhance services through innovation and increased efficiency; and approach interactions with students, staff, and the university community in a caring and positive manner.


Staff members who embody Innovation consitantly put forth new, creative initiatives with thoughtful consideration and planning.  These staff members think outside of the box and use their ideas and drive to maintain and broaden the scope of the Division of Student Affairs.


A committee composed of previous Hallmark Award Recipients will select up to five Hallmark Awards and up to two Student Hallmark Awards each year.

Former Recipients