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Hallmark Awards 2013 Recipients

2012-13 Hallmark Award Winners

Paulina Abaunza
Assistant Director, Commuter and Off Campus Student Services, Student Resource Center
Paulina has had an influential impact on the Commuter community, the Student Resource Center staff, and the larger NYU community. Within the commuter community, she has helped grow and maintain programs that were already situated when she first entered the office, and also has led the community to develop new programs- one being Comm*Unity which was a NASPA gold award just last year. Her attention to assessment has also been able to show the larger NYU community the specific and individual needs of Commuter students, helping bring them new and beneficial resources. She is intentional with all conversations, and is constantly bringing the needs of the commuter student population to any meeting or event she attends.

Michael Baron
Associate Director, Information Systems, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services
Mike is constantly doing behind the scenes work that enhances the automation of the housing system at NYU and at all the portal and study away sites. Mike is someone who is always looking at how to improve the work we do for students. He has helped to enhance the StarRez front end (what students see, and how are systems are incorporated into the University systems. He demonstrates a tremendous understanding of all things technical, while balancing the best of what it means to be a student affairs professional. He is empathetic, kind, thoughtful, innovative, and creative.

Brittany Bummer
Administrative Assistant, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Brittany has done nothing but excel in her role, and so much more. She is always taking on leadership roles when a void in a committee or an event occurs. It is not unusual for Brittany to ask if she could volunteer to assist with this or that Student Affairs activity. Additionally, her work within the Student Affairs Staff Development Committee, GNU Subcommittees and University events (Graduation, etc), is truly remarkable. Her thoroughness and desire to learn is second to none. What it comes down to, really, is that Brittany cares. A lot. She cares for students; she cares for staff; and she cares about her work. And it shows.

Tera Nakata
Residence Hall Director, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services
Tera is probably one of the most innovative professionals in our entire division. Her knack for design and her talent to make it happen both graphically and socially is extraordinary. Tera's talent is seen well outside the realm of 2nd Street. In her dual role at CMEP, she has helped design logos and create social media connections for MLK Week, Global Fest, and Ally Week, among others. The result of all of her work is that others feel connected to something. This can be through visual identity, concepts, or connectedness to their hall, staff, or hall council. She is 100% committed to helping others feel that they are a part of something. Even as it relates to the simple idea that she says yes to so many people to help out shows her dedication to making others feel a part of a team.

Rebekah Thornhill
Program Administrator, Edgar M. Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life
Rebekah's work is inspired by her commitment to community and diversity. In her day to day work, she is the advisor for student groups and initiatives. She listens to the students, mentors them, and pushes them to think bigger about what they hope to achieve through their programming. Rebekah is always mindful of NYU's diversity and works to make Bronfman Center programming open and accessible for all. When students need support or Rebekah foresees a problem, she will help them to smooth it out, while making it a learning experience for the individual. When students are successful she will help them analyze the elements that made a program or event succeeds, and pushes them to think of how to build on that success.


2012-13 Student Employee Award Winners


Sophie Ye
Travel Assistant, Center for Student Activities, Leadership, and Service
Sophie has created an environment that staff and students truly appreciate. Her aptitude for absorbing office protocols and general university knowledge made her an invaluable and welcoming presence, the first face a visitor would see, her smile, a personification of quality service, warmth and courtesy. Sophie's eagerness to help and her commitment to excellence has been a phenomenal contribution to CSALS. Sophie exemplifies the core of what New York University defines as an extraordinary student and exceptional leader.

Naomi Karp
Graduate Intern, Student Resource Center
Naomi is a fantastic individual. She has proven to be a visionary and more specifically, has worked hand-in-hand with the transfer ambassadors and transfer student population on numerous events, alternative break trips, and other community building strategies. Naomi and her team were able to create and extensive social media experience for incoming first-year NYU students. This engagement began in the summer prior to students’ arrival, and allowed for new and unique ways for students to connect across the globe. She has also served as a bridge builder amongst SRC communities by leading the way in creating commuter-transfer and resident-transfer programs and socials to strengthen community ties.


Thank you to everyone who participated in the process by submitting nominations. The Division of Student Affairs would like to acknowledge all of the staff members who received nominations from their colleagues and from NYU students.

Yomaris Ashley
Clinical Manager, Student Health Center
At the Health Promotion Office, Jo has, on several occasions, stretched beyond her own comfort level to assist with training our student Health Leaders.

Toney Fangel
Residence Hall Director, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services
Tony has developed systems that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the systems and processes in the Office of Residential Life and Housing Services.

Rachel Frint
Assistant Director, Wasserman Center for Career Development
Rachel is a stellar worker and team player. She is consistently volunteering for projects and helping out in the Wasserman Center for Career Development.

Neil Hanrahan
Senior Director of Housing Services, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services
Neil has worked hard to establish a systems team with the technology skills needed not only to improve the function and services this program provides to our department but also to assist in the implementation of this platform in all the NYU Global sites.

Ashley Harrington
Graduate Student Employee, Center for Student Multicultural Education and Programs
Ashley is committed to fostering growth within the NYU community around issues of diversity and social justice, particularly as it relates to unfair treatment within the criminal justice system.

Selima Jumarali
Assistant Director, Center for Multicultural Education and Programs
Selima cares deeply about the well-being of the students, supervises the student staff at CMEP with compassion and clear direction, and never neglects to check in on her colleagues as well.

Ri Marchessault
Health Promotion Specialist, Student Health Center
Ri's focus on wellness extends beyond the education thereof; she promotes self care for her students and colleagues both at the health center and at various offices across campus.

Christie Meno
Program Administrator, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services
Christie exemplifies the Hallmark of quality service through her ability to coordinate the logistical aspects of programs for all living-learning communities on campus.

Helen Newman
Manager of Outbound Immigration Services, Office of Global Services
Helen Newman has assisted, in the most exemplary fashion, both creativity and innovation in the design and implementation of new outbound immigration services in the Office of Global Services.

Laura Osborne
Graduate Student Employee, Center for Student Activities, Leadership & Service
Laura's creativity, innovation and intellect are what make her such a valuable member of our team. Laura has single handedly taken the initiative on all things assessment for the FSL community.

Denise Poole
Coordinator of Academic Services and Compliance Officer, Athletics, Intramurals and Recreation
Denise works tirelessly to develop and prepare student athlete leaders in the present and for a future beyond athletics.

Grace Poon
Graduate Student Employee, Center for Student Activities, Leadership & Service
Grace embodies the qualities of a life-long learner and challenges her students to learn outside the classroom in the leadership positions she advises.

Leydi Rofman
Residence Hall Assistant Director, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services
Leydi goes above and beyond and has created not one, but multiple communities and has changed the lives of the people within them forever.

Allison Smith
Administrator, Public Health Initiatives and Assessment, Student Health Center
 Allison has created an invaluable resource for students, parents, faculty and staff to access to help and to promote student health.

Stacy Ulrich
Residence Hall Director & Student Staff Coordinator, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services
Stacy is fully dedicated to creating environments that maximize learning and she has the difficult task of creating that for all 300+ RAs so that they can then replicate those environments in all of our halls.

Christina Walsh
Residence Hall Director, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services
Christina continually challenges her fellow colleagues, professional and student staff alike, to think critically about how programs, resources, and other services can be delivered effectively to students.

Erica Zamora
Graduate Student Employee, Center for Student Activities, Leadership & Service
Erica has been the cornerstone of our team development and has nurtured a spirit of collaboration, openness, and opportunity where we can freely express our ideas and opinions as well as receive honest feedback.