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Hallmark Awards 2012 Recipients

2011-12 Hallmark Award Winners

Maya Ardon
Assistant Director, Student Resource Center
Maya is very committed and connected to building community for students at NYU. In addition to her already demanding responsibilities, she is always one of the first people to volunteer for advising or volunteering with outside programs. Her genuine care for student's lives and development is apparent in them seeking her out just to listen, or share advice. She also cares about building community and being inclusive of her colleagues. Creating a bridge between central student affairs and the different schools, is something Maya has excelled in to the SRC's benefit and the benefit of our students. Maya epitomizes the qualities our division upholds through the hallmark awards, and through her role modeling inspires both students and staff to be better.

Sonia DeLuca Fernandez
Director of Research and Assessment, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
In her role as Director of Research and Assessment, Sonia’s impact on the NYU community and commitment to quality service cannot be overstated.  With very little assistance, she is able to work with a diverse group of offices in such a way that each of us is able to understand and benefit from what could be seen as a potentially difficult or unwelcome process.  Most of her impact is behind the scenes in setting up the outcomes intended for a program/service and then on the other end of creating assessment and analyzing impact. She also works with the University's accreditation staff on coordinating division assessment activities. Her intelligence, quick wit and ability to think on her feet make her a standout whether she is addressing a large meeting or emailing her always incisive comments.  NYU is a richer place with Sonia here.

Howie Glassman
Director, Housing Administration, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services
Howie has developed a well earned reputation as a being a person who will go above and beyond for all those who come into contact.  His commitment to quality service and innovation is evident it the work he brings to the table. He thinks through issues efficiently and produces outcomes that are for the betterment of his office, his division and the University as a whole.  Howie’s most recent accomplishment in getting a crucial payment issue resolved has resulted in a more seamless experience for students and staff alike. His ability to get buy-in from many corners of the university was key to a successful launch.  Information and technology services staff from the Housing Services, Registrar, Bursar, Financial Systems, and NYUHome all played major roles in addressing their piece of the puzzle.  Howie's foresight and dogged determination to better the experience for residents and staff alike is nothing short of incredible.

Chris Stipeck
Residence Hall Director, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services
Chris Stipeck is an exceptional leader.  He leads by example without a lot of pomp and circumstance but with great humility.  Chris manages to make a job that he has been doing for 5 years seem fresh and new.  He is open to new ideas, he listens, and he provides great feedback when asked to do so.  The level of professionalism that he brings to his job sets a high standard for everyone that works with him, and by extension, this sets a precedent for the community in which he lives.  Chris places a high priority on individual wellness and cares deeply for the people that he interacts with on a daily basis.  He has many people to manage, and he does so with an individual sense of care that is admirable.  This care that he brings to his interactions fosters a sense of community that has infiltrated Third North every year that he's been here, and we see it reflected in IRHC awards, FYRE Olympics trophies, and staff photos full of smiling faces.                 

Heather Tranen
Senior Assistant Director/Manager of Employer Services, Wasserman Center for Career Development
Heather has not only developed but also transformed the Wasserman’s online presence and branding in such a short period of time. Without any prior knowledge of social network tools, Heather jumped at the challenge and quickly immersed herself in the technology. She proceeded to develop strategies through trial and error, as well as guidance from online resources. The benefits of this innovation and the creation of community is evident with the connection of over 3400 followers on Twitter and over 3000 Facebook fans; these are the highest numbers seen by any NYU-executed social media plan. Heather has consistently delivered quality service, especially with her contribution to the improvement of the Mentor Network - where students are able to connect with professionals and alumni, and have questions answered. To undertake a whole new media development strategy is a great feat, and to have accomplished what she has over the course of the past two years is highly admirable.


2011-12 Student Employee Award Winners


Catherine Pena
Student Employee, Student Resource Center, College of Arts and Science, B.A. ‘12
Catherine Pena exemplifies the type of student we hope all students would aspire to be.  She works part-time on campus (both early and late shifts), holds a part-time/paid internship with a local law firm, commutes from East Harlem, is extremely active on campus, and is an excellent student. Cathy has provided tremendous leadership and motivation to the Latino Student community, and been an inspiration to countless high school students, and a tremendous example to what it means to be a member of the NYU Community, providing exceptional quality service at the Student Resource Center, and as a volunteer at a variety of campus events.  She will leave a legacy of why it is so important to take advantage of all the opportunities that both NYU and NYC offer a student who is willing to put in the effort.

Julia Esser
Interim Assistant Residence Hall Director, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services, Steinhardt School of Culture Education and Human Development, M.A. ‘12
Julia’s impact in her roles has been outstanding and far reaching.  She has certainly gone above and beyond the expectations.  She has helped to create communities in IRHC, through leadership training and development as well as communities within her new role at Gramercy with the RA staff and hall council.  She has shown her dedication to our office and division by stepping up to fill a vacant full-time position while being a full-time graduate student and has exceeded all expectations.  Julia never ceases to impress by showcasing her drive, care, compassion and excellence in all she does.


Thank you to everyone who participated in the process by submitting nominations. The Division of Student Affairs would like to acknowledge all of the staff members who received nominations from their colleagues and from NYU students.

Desalina Allen
Assistant Director, Wasserman Center for Career Development
Desalina's creative ideas have broadened the ways that students, alumni, employers, and the community view the Wasserman Center.

Kate Baier
Senior Director, Residential Life, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services
Kate is always looking at ways that we can innovate and enhance the overall student experience, and the role modeling of the hallmarks is present in all that she does.

Angela Chen
Student Employee, Wasserman Center for Student Career Development
Whether she interacts with students, alumni, administrators, faculty, or the community, Angela offers extraordinary quality service at all times.

Alfa Eustate
Student Employee, Center for Multicultural Education and Programs
Alfa's commitment to excellence is contagious, so she inspires those who work around her and those who interact with her to give their best efforts just as she does.

Monroe France
Director, NYU LGBTQ Student Center
Monroe’s commitment to diversity is unrelenting, his deep understanding of intersectionality is enlightening, and his passion for developing spaces for learning and development around issues of social justice is inspirational.

Neil Hanrahan
Senior Director, Housing Services, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services
Neil is a very bright, thoughtful role model for all levels of staff in his area of supervision; he demonstrates a top tier service mentality, and urges us all those he works with to do the same.

Laurel Haynes
Administrative Aid II, Center for Multicultural Education and Programs
Laurel personifies Diversity as well as Quality Service; she is welcoming to students and always warmly greets all who enter the Center for Multicultural Education and Programs.

Shevorne Martin
Graduate Residence Life Assistant, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services
Shevorne’s positive attitude and energy are contagious; she has been a true role model to both staff and students in Third North and always goes above and beyond her responsibilities.

Bindi Patel
Assistant Director, Center for Multicultural Education and Programs
Bindi has shown tremendous leadership to the CMEP staff, taking on additional roles in the area of technology, staff development and office management, while continuing to grow her primary portfolio areas.

Jennifer Rignack
Student Employee, Center for Multicultural Education and Programs
Jen is a fantastic student employee with a strong commitment to the Center for Multicultural Education and Programs’ mission in promoting social justice and awareness for diverse identities at NYU.

Curtis Rogers
Graduate Student Employee, Wasserman Center for Career Development
Curtis has worked tirelessly to positively enhance the NYU community and has served as an example to those around him. 

James Sillcox
Director of the NYU Poly Career Management Center, Wasserman Center for Career Development
By serving as the connection between these offices, James manages to successfully bring both the NYU Washington Square and the NYU Poly campuses together to create a stronger community.

Adam Smith
Student Employee/Resident Assistant, Wasserman Center for Career Development/Office of Residential Life and Housing Services
Adam has been a great advocate of the Wasserman Center's programs and services to his students in residence, creating a strong community with a vast knowledge of NYU’s resources.

Robyn Weiss
Director, Moses Center for Students with Disabilities
Robyn is regularly and consistently mindful of building connections, relationships, and being a good collaborative partner to support student success; she is a model of what it means to be an accessible, responsive, and thoughtful University citizen.