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Hallmark Awards 2011 Recipients

2010-11 Hallmark Award Winners

Noel Felix
Administrative Assistant, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services
Over the past two years, no staff member in the Office of Residential Life & Housing Services has received more accolades from parents than Noel Felix. All of them consistently praise Noel's commitment to going the extra mile in order to resolve their inquiry.  Noel's emphasis on quality service has allowed our office to consistently improve its delivery of customer service - as a role model to our student staff; Noel ensures that the focus on customer service delivery is not overlooked. His positive attitude about his work is exemplary and this attitude makes the Office of Residential Life & Housing Services a great place to work. 

Ashley Hartmann
Residence Hall Director, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services
Ashley is the epitome of a quality service provider and strives to achieve outcomes of student learning through her work. Ashley’s impact in her role has been outstanding and she has certainly gone above and beyond the expectations.  She has created a top-notch comprehensive and all-encompassing training program that includes all levels of staff in our department putting in countless hours behind the scenes.  She has ensured our learning outcomes are the bedrock of the training program and has challenged her colleagues to engage in curriculum content writing and presenting.

David Rittberg
Executive Director, Edgar M. Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life
David sets a high standard and example for his staff by modeling learning, community, diversity, wellness, and quality service consistently. When he assumed the role of Executive Director of the Bronfman Center in 2010, David prioritized the development of scholarship and learning opportunities for students in all programming and instilled it as a core value of the Center. David prioritizes wellness forging a partnership with the NYU Wellness Center, inviting them to meet with staff once or twice a year and encouraging his staff to attend seminars on mental health. A huge amount of diversity is welcomed under David's leadership he advocates strongly for pluralism and "meeting students where they are at.” David emphasizes Jewish engagement in the arts, social action, LGBTQ life, and more.

Courtney Stein
Assistant Director, Health Promotion, Student Health Center
From the start of his career at NYU, Courtney has emphasized and role-modeled the importance of customer service even before it became a University-wide initiative. He consistently calls for quality improvement ideas and efforts and supports their institution all while projecting an upbeat “we can do this” attitude. Courtney demonstrates his openness and willingness to collaborate with a diverse population through his active participation in diversity education. He regularly collaborates with virtually all Student Affairs and his efforts help to create links among all student affairs offices for the betterment of the entire university community.  Courtney encourages the creative use of low cost/free educational offerings for himself and his staff such as webinars, the ACT Institute and the Student Health Center clinical staff meetings.

Michelle Van-Ess
Assistant Director, Student Resource Center
Michelle has made it a point to attend or participate whatever major initiative she can -- from MLK, to the NIA Awards, to the ISM Gala, Greek Night, Wellness Expo, Moving Up Day, Breakfast for Dinner, etc.  Everything she participates in is with enthusiasm -- and she makes the most mundane opportunity a blast.  Michelle doesn't just show up to the event, she participates in the event, speaking and engaging with students and colleagues, and always with a big smile and contagious personality.  She is an example to both students and staff on the importance of being a participant -- not a bystander when it comes to being a part of a community.  



2010-11 Student Employee Award Winners


Denise Boneta
Student Employee, Student Resource Center & Resident Assistant, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services, Steinhardt School of Culture Education and Human Development, B.S. ‘11
Denise Boneta has had a significant impact on her surrounding community, and is a person who has made finding that community just a little easier for students at NYU. The impact she has had on the NYU commuter community, and the Residential Life community will be long lasting, both in the individual lives she has touched, as well at the institutional changes she has helped shape. Denise is truly a unique person who has a remarkable ability to connect with individuals of various backgrounds, needs, and diversities with a level of light heartedness and deep care.

Zach Harrell
Graduate Intern, Student Resource Center, Steinhardt School of Culture Education and Human Development, M.A. ‘12
Zach is not only an amazingly bright student, a dedicated employee of SRC, but also a great role model. He loves participating in community service, as evident through the service projects he continuously organizes, on a monthly basis. He has worked closely with the freshman in Comm*Unity, a first year commuter Alternative Breaks organization, encouraging them to expand their own thinking in regards to fundraising and to continuously strive for leadership opportunities and make their place where they desire.



Thank you to everyone who participated in the process by submitting nominations. The Division of Student Affairs would like to acknowledge all of the staff members who received nominations from their colleagues and from NYU students.

Katt Baum
Administrative Assistant, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services
Katt is never too busy to help students and other staff, and she is constantly looking to improve her skills for the betterment of NYU.

Christopher Bledsoe
Athletic Director, Athletics Intramurals and Recreation
Chris has a strong commitment to learning and community that can be seen clearly under his directorship. 

Bob Butler
Executive Director, Center for Student Activities, Leadership and Service
Bob consistently goes above and beyond to help all the students that he is in contact with to ensure they are never left feeling unsupported.

Peter Krasny
Assistant Director, Palladium Operations and Management, Athletics Intramurals and Recreation
Peter’s innovation and creativity has pushed NYU's award-winning athletics event management team to greater heights.

Bindi Patel
Program Administrator, Center for Multicultural Education and Programs
Bindi is an organizing genius who never ceases to create quality service experiences for our students, and foster support and community amongst her fellow staff.

Caroline Quan
Academic Affairs Aide, Athletics Intramurals and Recreation
Caroline has continued to be a terrific resource and aide for our student-athletes for more than a decade within this department.

Andrew Steiner
Assistant Director, Residential Life and Housing Services
Andrew is willing to pitch in on any project - to do whatever is asked of him and approach it in a manner consistent with how he approaches life; with a smile and good humor.

Winston Tracy
Residence Hall Assistant Director, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services
Winston is a positive, motivated and inclusive team player who brings insight and logic to every aspect of his work.

David Vogelsang
Director, Student Resource Center
David's contributions are seen throughout the division, his unit, and within the university as a whole; there is never a time when David is not prepared for something well before it is due.

Lisa Wong
Assistant Director, Wasserman Center for Career Development
Lisa strives for excellence in her leadership, delegating tasks and offering help with a positive, calm, and happy attitude.

Mariana Zane
Associate Director, Women’s Health Medical Services, Student Health Center
Dr. Mariana Zane is tireless in her efforts to bring excellent health care to the NYU community. She is always thinking about what is best for our students and the University.

Amy Zavadil
Assistant Director, Community Standards, Office of the VP for Student Affairs
Amy’s contributions to the student conduct function at NYU, creating a more informed and collaborative community/team, have been remarkable.

Michael Diaz
Student Employee, Office of the VP for Student Affairs
Michael is warm and welcoming, his conscientious approach to the work, his creativity and his ability to sense when the staff needs support make him a tremendous student employee.

Catherine Peña
Student Employee, Student Resource Center
Catherine eagerly assists students with the most mundane of questions and calms troubled parents with her kind demeanor, constantly going out of her way to be helpful to anyone.

Will Detlefsen, Josh DeMoya, Thomas Kinneary, Rebecca Racine, Sheyla Soriano and Tommy White
Student Employees, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services
Together this service this group of students provides to our residents, summer affiliates, and their parents enhance the sense of community at NYU.

Zaneta Rago
Graduate Student Employee, NYU LGBTQ Student Center
Zaneta strives to continually serve students and bring about change with passion and intelligence. Her work and dedication has truly impacted the NYU community.