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Hallmark Awards 2010 Recipients

2009-10 Hallmark Award Winners

Jane Bowman
Health Educator, Health Promotion and Wellness Services, Student Health Center
Jane is an effective, steadfast employee - dependable, thoughtful and always helpful.  Whenever called upon, she is ever-willing to get involved; whether it is to train Resident Assistants over the weekend or facilitate an evening workshop, she is someone you can count on.  Intuitive, insightful and collaborative, Jane is easy to work with and connects well with both students and professional staff; she is truly a team player.  Her work consistently exemplifies the five Hallmarks of the Division of Student Affairs.

Matthew Patashnick
Assistant Director of Community Standards, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services
Not only does Matt care about the students he comes into contact with, he cares greatly about the staff he works with in the Division of Student Affairs.  He doesn’t hesitate to stop what he s doing to take a call from a Residence Hall Director or Assistant Director to offer them guidance on a case or when a study away site director needs consultation on a case in Florence.  His phone rings at least 50 times per day and he answers calls and requests from across the University about the student conduct process.  The fact that his phone keeps ringing is a testament of how valuable people feel Matt is as a resource at NYU.  He is collaborative, knowledgeable, fair, and accessible.  

Rosemary Rivera
Residence Hall Resource Manager, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services
For 20 years Rosemary has displayed a knack for delivering exceptional quality service. She has done this in an area in which the customer is always present and always changing.  She is a strong force that not only makes an impact on our students, but also on the student workers she has supervised over the years, and those coworkers who have learned important lessons from her.  Her reach spans not only her work, but the work of the others that have learned from her. 

Marcella Runell Hall
Associate Director, Center for Multicultural Education and Programs
Marcella has continuously designed and implemented new and innovative initiatives for students, student affairs administrators and faculty, guiding complex curriculum and pedagogy through a more complex array of interests and needs among her colleagues.  Every evaluation and every individual conversation indicates the intellectual illumination her efforts bring to anyone touched by her education and training.  She has become the mentor of choice by literally countless students and young professionals at this university and other institutions who wish to model themselves and their careers after Marcella.  This demonstrates perhaps the purest, most sophisticated form of leadership.  She understands how to elegantly transmit her experiences and knowledge to an incredibly extensive group of peers, giving them inspiration and concrete tools to achieve their highest goals.  

Rabbi Yehuda Sarna
University Chaplain, Edgar M. Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life
Rabbi Sarna approaches each student with a genuine hope to connect and provide for them whatever he can to make their experience at NYU a fulfilling one. Our community has grown by hundreds of students, and his role has been a major reason for it. There are very few places in life, let alone on a college campus, where a person like Rabbi Sarna exists. His daily commitment to enhance Jewish life at NYU, has allowed thousands of students to continue to connect to Judaism, in their own unique ways, while being active members of the NYU community. He has inspired our community to demand the most from itself because we know he demands the most from himself. He leads our community not with a booming voice or a call to arms, but by example. Our community is open, alive, and growing because of Rabbi Sarna.


2009-10 Student Employee Award Winners


Jack Breffle
Academic Development Graduate Assistant, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services, Steinhardt School of Culture Education and Human Development, MA 10
Jack has an incredibly warm and professional presence that allows him to connect both with our faculty members, parents, students, and professional staff members.  Jack has taken the initiative to truly understand the philosophy behind living learning programs and breathe life into them here at NYU. One of our hallmarks is providing the highest level of quality service to each faculty member, resident assistant, and professional staff member working with a living learning program in the residence halls. These programs have the potential to be administrative headaches for faculty members; it is because of the work that Jack does to alleviate the administrative stress that we are able to confidently recruit new faculty members and assure them they will have a meaningful experience focused on students, not paperwork. Jack connects with agencies and professionals across New York City (buying tickets, making reservations, and securing space) to make sure that the faculty member does not need to sweat the details but can arrive knowing every “t” has been crossed and every “I” has been dotted. 

Ashley Nickelsen
Resident Assistant, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services College of Arts and Science, BA 10
Ashley is driven by the desire to accomplish challenging work.  For instance, instead of offering simple social programs in the building or in our neighborhood, Ashley pushed herself and her residents to experience much more of New York City through her Borough a Month programming initiative, which she designed to expose first-year students to boroughs such as the Bronx and Queens, which they might not experience on their own.  Ashley also took an interactive intellectual and diversity-based program from her orientation training and adapted it for the residence hall.  She shared this initiative on her floors and with all of the other 27 RAs on staff so they could integrate it on their floors as well.  Ashley did this all on her own accord.  Her initiative and innovation are skills that make Ashley a wonderful role model for her residents and for other student staff members alike.  She brings the same level of quality service to her other campus leadership positions.  She was promoted to Lead Admissions Ambassador because of her ability to relate to diverse student applications and her peers within admissions. She was one of two student Ambassadors flown to Abu Dhabi with prospective NYU students so she could convince them of the strong community and learning initiatives at NYU.



Thank you to everyone who participated in the process by submitting nominations. The Division of Student Affairs would like to acknowledge all of the staff members who received nominations from their colleagues and from NYU students.

Paulina Abaunza                                  
Coordinator, Commuter Student Services, Student Resource Center
Paulina is continuously focused on how she can contribute to the betterment of student life at NYU.    

Katherine Bisang                                
Residence Hall Director, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services 
Katie is supremely service oriented, she is a natural teacher and she is strong advocate for her building.

Diana Corzen                                         
Licensed Practical Nurse, Student Health Center      
Diana motivates her coworkers to work as a team to ensure the highest quality care to the NYU community.        

Nic Evans                                                  
Assistant Director of Leadership, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services        
Nic is an excellent strategist borne out of his sincerity to address the needs of students, staff and New York University.

Peter Goldstein                                  
Manager, Pharmacy Services, Student Health Center                     
Peter is a role model for the SHC staff and we are fortunate to have him as an ambassador with our patients.         

Melissa Hume              
Undergraduate Student Employee, Peer Educator, Student Health Center                    
Melissa is bright, passionate, & exceptionally efficient, she has done a stellar job in developing the NYU’s  Stressbusters program.         

Jenny Idiculla                                       
Student Employment Administrative Assistant, Wasserman Center for Career Development
Jenny provides top notch Quality Service with a smile.

Nancy Mah Chau                                 
Central Assistant Director, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services                     
Nancy is a relationship driven individual. In many ways, Nancy is a diplomat and helps bridge the gap in communication.

Imani Movva                                          
Residence Hall Assistant Director, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services 
Imani taken these changes in stride and risen to meet the challenges that this year has presented, all with her trademark smile.

Tera Nakata                                            
Residence Hall Assistant Director, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services 
Tera is constantly going above and beyond to create a sense of community at NYU for her Lafayette residents & for NYU as a whole.

Cheryl Parker-Rodriguez              
Supervisor-Collection Services, Student Health Center                                         
Cheryl displays a sincere desire to help whoever approaches her with a concern.  

David Pe                                                   
Residence Hall Director, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services
David excels in creating programming opportunities to help our residential population feel included and empowered.

Caroline Quan                                      
Academic Affairs Aide, Athletics, Intramurals and Recreation   
Caroline is out on the front lines daily, serving our student athletes to the best of her abilities at all times. 

Rob Quash                                                                       
Residence Hall Resource Manager, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services   
Rob has a desire to continually improve the efficiency and quality of the services and resources we provide to our residents.                   
Anna Schmidt                                       
Associate Director of Residential Life and Housing Services, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services             
Anna is a hard working, creative and intelligent administrator who does so much for the NYU community behind the scenes. 

Andrew Steiner                                   
Assistant Director, Housing Services, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services                  
Andrew has played an essential role in ensuring that quality service is delivered to students and parents.

Trudy Steinfeld                                    
Executive Director, Wasserman Center for Career Development
Trudy is the epitome of Quality Service!  She has an outstanding reputation throughout NYU for getting things DONE RIGHT!

Chris Stipeck                                         
Residence Hall Director, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services
You'd have to go a very long way to find anyone as good, caring, and dedicated as Chris.           

Cecilia “CC” Suarez                           
Residence Hall Director, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services 
CC never fails to display a continuous commitment to and passion for diversity.

Vinita Tandon                                       
Undergraduate Student Employee, Resident Assistant, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services    
Vinita’s willingness to volunteer and put in extra time above and beyond the basic job requirement is commendable. 

Thomas “Tommy” White
Undergraduate Student Employee, Student Office Aide, Office of Residential Life and Housing Services 
Tommy is the epitome of a warm and caring office representative.