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Hallmark Awards 2009 Recipients

Pictured from left to right: 
Melissa Tihinen, Daan Erikson, Katrina Lee, Dominick Ciaccia, Aaron King, Nicolle Bruechert, Claire Letourneau, and Marc Wais.

2008-09 Hallmark Award Winners

Nicolle Bruechert
Assistant Director for Budget, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Within the Division of Student Affairs, the scope of Nicolle's impact is wide. From budget projections, to processing all of the journal entries, Nicolle is the person that "makes it happen." She is constantly making sure we all stay updated and educated about the many complex policies and procedures that make up NYU's budget management system. In addition to this, she runs an annual budget training session for student government to educate the officers on effective budget planning and management. She also serves as a resource throughout the year for the administrators in each school who advise elected student leaders. So much of what she does on a daily basis goes unnoticed by most people, however much of what we do would not be possible without her and the hard work she does.

Dominick Ciaccia
Intramural Coordinator, Athletics, Intramurals and Recreation
Dominick is a pleasure to work with and knows his job inside and out.  He single-handedly manages all day-to-day operations of NYU's Intramural program – last year, over 8,000 students took part in organized intramural sports!  When faced with touch decisions, Dominick is able to react quickly and effectively while keeping the students' best interests in mind.  From dealing with medical emergencies to facilities issues to student mentoring, Dominick is passionate, unbiased, and dedicated to making NYU a better place.  He treats every person he encounters with the same genuine class and respect.  He is committed to providing the best possible experience for NYU students, and always goes above and beyond for our students even if it means more effort and work for himself.

Claire Letourneau
Health Educator, Student Health Center
A highly capable, creative and dedicated professional, Claire is always working to engage students around personal health and wellness issues and to connect them with resources and services.  Her dedication to students is evident in everything she does, whether she is working individually with a student who has questions about smoking cessation, training and supervising Peer Educators for the Peer Health Awareness Team, or creating any number of health education programs such as Master Chef.  She is innovative, highly organized, and efficient.  Claire gets things done – and done well!    She loves working with students and gives her best each day, every day, for their benefit, working to help them learn and succeed.

Katrina Lee   
Community Development Educator, Residential Education
Specifically through her work with Informed Choices: Alcohol and Informed Choices: Marijuana, Katrina has improved ways that we, as an institution, conduct our work with students.  Her efforts to further education and discuss these topics add value to how we interact with students and support them in the various challenges they face at college.  Her contributions have benefited all communities, including students, student staff members, and professional staff.  Through these programs, she has made substantial changes that have led to positive outcomes for students in the form of fruitful conversations with administrators, improved comprehension regarding the impact of substances for individuals, and reduction of harmful behaviors.  Katrina's work has clearly made a lasting impact on our approach to student wellness, and the enrichment of student life in general.

Melissa Tihinen
Community Development Educator/Judicial Educator, Residential Education
With every student interaction, Melissa clearly demonstrates skill in each of the Hallmarks and brings her compassion to every situation she faces.  She has an extraordinary amount of energy and expertise, and it is a wonderful feeling to know that every student who crosses Melissa's path with be greatly helped in some way, whether they come to her with a housing, judicial, wellness, or personal issue.  She has a tremendous impact on the NYU community through the multiple roles she has taken on: CDE at 13th Street Residence Hall, Judicial Educator, and Trainer for the Sexual Assault Peer Educator Program.  In all of these arenas, Melissa is responsible for the students' wellness and often connects students to immediate or long-term help and support so they can continue to thrive academically and emotionally.


2008-09 Student Employee Award Winners


Daan Erikson
Resident Assistant, Residential Education
Overall, Daan is an excellent student, student leader, and student staff member.  He is a joy to supervise, and consistently works beyond expectations.  The students on his floor truly appreciate Daan's extra personal touch that shows how much he considers their development and success at NYU.  He has impacted countless students at NYU and beyond through his four years of service here.

Aaron King
Club Advisor, Office of Student Activities
Aaron's own passion for learning and growth immediately affects his work with students.  He truly lives by the motto that learning occurs both inside and outside the classroom, in a space where he bridges his academic coursework with each opportunity he has to impact student development. He is constantly growing as a scholarly practitioner.  Overarching all of Aaron's efforts is a dedication to issues of diversity and social justice advocacy.



Thank you to everyone who participated in the process by submitting nominations. The Division of Student Affairs would like to acknowledge all of the staff members who received nominations from their colleagues and from NYU students.

Daniel Choi
Community Development Educator, Residential Education
Daniel has established himself as a community member who enhances the lives of students through his multiple roles as a mentor, resource, leader, educator, and friend.

Natalie Grandison
Administrative Aide, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
As the first face you see when you enter the VPSA suite, Natalie has a rare ability to make you feel at home, even if she is right in the middle of six other things.

Fiona Miles-Mason
Budget Assistant, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
By keeping student council advisors informed and updated, and serving as an excellent resource when questions arise, Fiona allows school administrators to be more effective in their work with student leaders.

Matthew Patashnick
Assistant Director for Judicial Affairs, Residential Education
Matt's job is extremely hard and often an unsung role; his work with students is often a turning point for them, and his patient and learning-focused approach helps students understand the impact of their actions on themselves and on the community at large.

Alexandra (Alex) Rhue
Violet Booster Club Assistant and Ice Hockey Team Manager, Athletics, Intramurals and Recreation
Never content with the minimum, Alex is always willing to go above and beyond and help in any way possible in all her interactions with students, faculty, staff, parents, and patrons.

Fernando (Fernie) Rodriguez
Graduate Student Employee, Center for Multicultural Education and Programs
Fernie plays an integral role in the success of The Center's mentorship program, constantly in communication with students, mentors,  providing resources and tools for building successful relationships, and truly committed to ensuring that all students are finding their community here at NYU.

Emily Morse Sower
Women's Health Nurse, Student Health Center
Emily interacts with hundreds of students, and is always positive and welcoming to each and every one as she assists them in understanding their health needs and concerns.

Cecelia (CC) Suarez
Diversity Educator, Residential Education and Center for Multicultural Education and Programs
CC provides consistent and thoughtful counsel related to areas of diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice to professional staff members and to the community at large.

Colin Terry
Program Administrator, Residential Education
Quite simply, and without exaggeration, NYU would not be able to sustain the quality of our living-learning programs without the high caliber of support and assistance Colin provides to our faculty affiliates.

Stacy Ulrich
Assistant Community Development Educator, Residential Education
Stacy in continuously innovative in her residence hall and dedicated to students' success at NYU; she truly strives for every student to feel connected in some way, and motivates both student and professional staff members to do the same.

David Vogelsang
Director, Student Resource Center
As a result of David's hard work and persistence, the Student Resource Center remains a friendly and welcoming space for students and staff to find a sense of community at NYU.