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Hallmark Awards 2008 Recipients

Pictured from left to right:  Carmen Fonseca, Eddie Limoncelli, Adam Ebnit, Ben Goldberg, Erin Callihan, Nicole Rosenthal, Alyssa LaFosse and Marc Wais.

2007-08 Hallmark Award Winners

Erin Callihan
Manager, Communication, Publications and Web-Based Technology, Office of the VP for Student Affairs
Erin goes above and beyond quality service.  The work she does on a daily basis not only connects our division with thousands of students but she works tirelessly to make sure every communication, publication, email and website has a stunning visual appearance.  With her assistance smaller units have been able to realize their dreams through reconstructed websites, the NYU Minute has become a mainstay and the Time Use Study has grown from a small pilot to a large-scale study.  While the big, splashy items get headlines there are also the little things Erin does each day.  Gathering and writing content for projects large and small takes a huge amount of patience, dedication and coordination.  Erin works tirelessly on these projects and never says no to anyone who needs her assistance.

Adam Ebnit
Program Administrator, Office of Student Activities
Adam is fully committed to NYU and his work with students.  He is extremely passionate about the work he does and the work he helps students do.  From program board, to wilderness leadership training and graduate wilderness adventures, to alternative spring break, Adam devotes almost every minute he has to giving NYU students life changing experiences.  His work helps students to learn about themselves and their impact on the world.  It also helps students to feel like they matter as an individual at such a large institution.  On any given weekend Adam can be found conducting leadership trainings, advising students at events, and just being present to support student initiatives. 

Alyssa LaFosse
Health Educator, Student Health Center
Alyssa LaFosse has a dedication to excellence that acts as an example to the students and other staff in the Health Promotion Office at the Student Health Center.  The five Student Affairs Hallmarks, learning, community, diversity, wellness, and quality service, are integral pieces of the work Ms. LaFosse does as a sexual health educator.  However, what makes her stand out among other Student Health Center staff is her desire to go above and beyond what is expected of her for the betterment of the students she touches.  She promotes inclusiveness and encourages students to be open to and respectful of different beliefs and values.  This is particularly important in the sexual health training that she conducts and the work she does with the NYU student population.

Edward Limoncelli     
Network/HR Administrator, Athletics, Intramurals and Recreation
Edward has been a true "rock" for the Department.  Not only does he support us whenever and wherever he's needed, but he treats everyone fairly and equally.  He is a firm believer of the motto that if you "give someone a fish, they can eat for a day.  But, if you teach someone to fish, they can eat for a lifetime."  Edward is always willing to help, but he enjoys teaching even more.  He wants to help others become as skillful in their jobs as possible.  His attitude is always terrific, enthusiastic and positive.  The quality of his work is unmatched in this department, as is his passion for what he does and for helping others. 

Nicole Rosenthal
Manager of Budget and Accounting, Student Health Center
Nicole has been assigned to work on many critical Health Center financial issues   Her ability to develop innovative solutions and to get others to work collaboratively has helped move forward several critical projects.  As an example, her work on navigating the many obstacles encountered in getting the grants processes working, will greatly enhance not only NYU's ability to offer early detection and prevention of student suicides, but also the other schools that have joined in NYU's collaborative project. Nicole has also played a major role in finding ways to fund several capital projects that will allow for more clinical exam rooms and a better flow of patients and staff.  All of these projects will positively impact students using the Student Health Center. Her positive attitude and ability to challenge and motivate those she works with, has helped improve the Health Center's work environment and the students it serves.


2007-08 Student Employee Award Winners


Ben Goldberg
Graduate Student Employee, Student Resource Center
Ben has served as the advisor to the Off Campus Student Council and the Commuter Circle, in addition to advising several of our Commuter Assistants.  These students have come to trust and rely on Ben for advice and mentorship, and Ben is certainly a reliable advisor.  I consider Ben's perspective and insight as that of a trusted colleague, and I know he will be an incredible asset to any institution in his professional career.  In the short two years that he has been with us, he has truly become part of our staff, and he embodies all that the SRC strives to achieve in supporting and challenging students, creating community, generating knowledge, and serving those around him.  

Carmen Fonseca
Undergraduate Student Employee, Student Resource Center and Office of Student Activities
It seems like Carmen Fonseca is everywhere at NYU.  From her extensive involvement in student organizations such as LUCHA, La Herencia Latina, Latino Heritage Month, Oxfam, Habitat for Humanity, and the Alternative Breaks Advisory Board to her roles as a CMEP Peer Educator and student assistant in both the Office of Student Activities and the Student Resource Center, Carmen embodies dedication to NYU.  Her energy and passion are contagious, and her commitment to community is a model for all of us to follow.  Carmen is even a leader outside of NYU, where she lends her talents to the Latino Commission on AIDS as an intern there.  Carmen's leadership and desire to help others will certainly benefit all the communities she connects with, and the community of NYU alumni will certainly be lucky to have her as well.



Thank you to everyone who participated in the process by submitting nominations.  The Division of Student Affairs would like to acknowledge all of the staff members who received nominations from their colleagues and from NYU students.

Amanda Gallocher
Administrative Aide, Residential Education
Amanda’s impact can be seen in the steady and continuing growth of programs put on by the Class Councils/Activities Boards.  As needed, she provides the students she mentors with a warm smile, challenging questions, or extra encouragement to take an event to the next level.

Clara Jackson
Program Administrator, Graduate Student Services, Student Resource Center
Her dedication to her students and her positive attitude are inspiring to those who work with her.  Clara is an excellent mentor as well.  She is a source of guidance for graduate students and young professionals. 

Claire Letourneau
Health Educator, Student Health Center
In her work with students, she is always working to connect them with resources and provide them the support and/or guidance they seek.  Pleasant and professional, she is engaging and very efficient. 

Kristin McLaughlin
Registered Nurse, Student Health Center
Kristin McLaughlin has made a huge effort reaching out to students she's seen before. This definitely helps create community because she's established continuity.

Susan Orand
Manager of Women’s Health Services, Student Health Center
Susan is a dedicated Women's Health Nurse Practioner, and an exemplary Community minded professional.  Among Susan's many passions are her consistent efforts to help people in need. 

Cheryl Parker Rodriguez
Supervisor of Collection Services, Student Health Center
Her extensive knowledge of student health billing and her friendly personality has helped many students and parents with billing issues.  She can always be counted on to advocate for our students and gives that extra effort to resolve problems. 

Stewart Robinette
Community Development Educator, Residential Education
Stewart is very intentional about his contributions to the staff, students, and the Division of Student Affairs. Stewart often volunteers his talents to initiatives outside of his department, including his great work with the Junior Class Council.

Cecilia “CC” Suarez
Community Development Educator, Residential Education
CC has a keen awareness of how to connect with students, and make residence life fun and rewarding. She is a star! 

Lisa Vogel
Associate Director, International Students and Scholars
Although her role is very administrative, Lisa does much programming to help scholars feel more part of the NYU community, helping scholars connect with others who share cultures and interests.

Mariana Zane
Associate Director, Medical Services-Women’s Health Services, Student Health Center
Dr. Zane is never satisfied with status quo and encourages the staff of womens health to go above and beyond in order to bring holistic care to this community.