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Hallmark Awards 2007 Recipients

Pictured from left to right:  Janice Quinn, Kyle Stockwell, Kathy Gunkel,
Ivan Gutierrez and Nancy Morrison.

2006-07 Hallmark Award Winners

Tom Ellett
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Residential Education
In the Fall '06 semester Tom developed an initiative called '150 hours' where he undertook meeting with all 302 Residential Assistants (RAs) in an effort to get to know them all on an individual level. While it is a HUGE endeavor, he successfully completed it late last semester. He learned about their hopes and dreams as well as their suggestions for what resources could be provided to make them more effective in their roles. He took 150 hours out of his schedule to sit down and get to know ALL OF THEM!  Tom really takes the time to make people feel listened to and he always goes the extra mile to help a student or another staff/administration member.

Kathy Gunkel
Director of Nursing, Student Health Center
As Director of Nursing Kathy has exemplified ALL of the Hallmarks in all of her work. Specifically, with regard to Learning, she very quickly provided training for the nurses at the Student Health Center on new nursing assessment and triage protocols which allows the nurses to use the full scope of their skills and practice. She has also led up the Health Center efforts to update, redesign and make health education material more accessible to students-allowing them to learn more about their health. She has made learning and education a focus for all the programmatic initiatives she has been involved with including the HIV testing in the Residence Halls which not only tests students outside the health center, but also provides information on HIV, other STIs and the workings of the new Student Health Center model.  Perhaps more importantly has been her ability to engage the student community to become active partners in the delivery of health care and health education. During the past year Kathy has worked with two student leaders on the HIV outreach testing events. By fully supporting the students and what is truly a student driven initiative it will hopefully provide a model for the future.

Ivan Gutierrez
Administrative Aide, Student Health Center
The 'Quality Service' hallmark describes a staff member who practices and promotes cooperation, teamwork, and respect....and approaches interactions with students, staff and university community in a caring and positive manner. Ivan is the embodiment of these traits. He responds quickly, efficiently, and with a positive manner to SHC's facilities requests. Ivan has a broad range of interests and is always more than willing to share his expertise with staff members. Ivan brings warmth, caring, and his constant smile to any of his staff interactions. He often interacts with new staff members and presents a most positive, warm, first impression. Ivan has a 'can do' attitude and it is contagious. His willingness to impart his knowledge contributes to the personal growth of many SHC staff.

Myoung Marquez     
Associate Director, Office of Student Activities
Myoung has an extremely positive impact on her surrounding community. Whether she is mentoring new professionals or assisting seasoned student leaders, she is always challenging those around her to work their hardest in all they do. Ms. Marquez leads by example and provides constant support while doing so. Myoung approaches everything with a smile. Her compassion for others and her passion for her work always shine through and has an amazing impact on those around her. She greatly affects the students she works with - club leaders, club members, student staff, and other students who are looking to get connected with the University and others. Students describe her by saying “Myoung takes the initiative to nurture our spirits and minds,” “She was the one person that helped me become who I am and become a better person,” “She always opens my eyes by giving me the bigger picture,” and “Her words of wisdom are engraved in me in such a way that I am fearless when I face the future post-graduation.”

Janice Quinn
Associate Director of Athletics/Head Woman’s Basketball Coach, Athletics, Intramurals and Recreation
Coach Quinn is a tireless teacher of basketball concepts and life lessons. After four years under her tutelage, young women understand how to strive to perform at their very best and what it means to be part of a team. Year-in and year-out Coach Quinn takes young women from all walks of life and all backgrounds and molds them into a single unit that allows individuals to achieve more together than they ever could apart. There is no challenge more difficult that this, and, without fail, Coach Quinn continues to make this happen with each new group of freshmen that enter her program.  Janice plays so many roles to so many people at NYU. She is a leader and pillar of strength to her players and colleagues; a supporter and advocate to her peers and fellow coaches. She’s a great spokesman for the University, quick to comment on others’ successes before her own, almost to a fault.


2006-07 Student Employee Award Winners


Pamela Kavalam
Graduate Student Employee, Office of International Students and Scholars
Pam is living proof of what the Hallmark Awards were meant to acknowledge. Since joining our office two years ago, Pam has impressed our staff with her enthusiasm for her work, NYU students, and even the challenges she comes across in her work. Her joie de vivre is evident in her interactions with any person she comes upon. I have found her to be inspiring and a true representation of what professional stewardship is meant to be. Pam created a community of not only international students but also strove to involve U.S. students in our activities. Pamela Kavalam's positive outlook and caring actions will be her greatest assets when she leaves the University.

Kyle Stockwell
Undergraduate Student Employee, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Residential Education
Kyle's maturity and ability to interact with the many different constituencies that he works with are impressive. He always exceeds expectations and is always willing to go the extra mile to make a project 'outstanding' instead of simply good or acceptable. He pays close attention to all the nuances and details of projects and events so that he is even better prepared when similar situations arise again.  He helps people learn how to navigate NYU so that the are better prepared and more knowledgeable the next time they need help – Kyle knows the right questions to ask to guide people to the resources and services they need.  His peers look to him as a source of information and also motivation.  He is always encouraging and supportive of other student employees, as well as the first-year residents on his floor.



Thank you to everyone who participated in the process by submitting nominations.  The caliber of the candidates was excellent, and the Division of Student Affairs would like to acknowledge all staff members who received nominations.

Abby Berenson
Graduate Student Employee, Office of International Students and Scholars
Abby Berenson is an outstanding member of our staff. Her role as a graduate assistant is critical to the development and execution of our vital programming efforts. She has truly touched on all of the Hallmarks encouraged by the Student Affairs.

Nicolle Bruechert
Assistant Director of Budget, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Nicolle has worked with Students Affairs and budget staff of the various schools and developed a plan to carry out a significant policy change with little to no direct impact to students. On a campus as large as NYU with the tremendous differences of each school, this was a major achievement.

Jacqueline Chin
International Student Advisor, International Students and Scholars
Jackie has been instrumental in helping front office staff to understand the different approaches to customer service required for students from different countries. In this way, she ensures that communication is as seamless as possible between office staff and students from all over the world.

Dennis Clark
Director, Budget and Human Resources, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
He constantly is involved and engaged in new ways of doing things. His insight is always on target and helpful in getting work done in the division.

Amanda Dubois
Community Development Educator, Residential Education
Amanda truly is an advocate and truly goes above and beyond in her work. For example, Amanda works on the Residential International Student Engagement committee whereby she programs for the residential international student population to get them engaged and knowing one another.

Denise Fergus
Academic Affairs Advisor, Athletics, Intramurals and Recreation
Denise embraced and became part of the NYU community starting her first day on the job. She makes a conscious effort to get to know the NYU student-athletes and carves out time of her busy day to connect with them.

Heather Finn
International Student Advisor/Communications Coordinator, Office of International Students and Scholars
As a colleague, I have found her to be very knowledgeable and able to make thoughtful decisions even under tight deadlines. Her ability to be sensitive and levelheaded - keeping sight of the big picture while also minding the details has provided me with a great model of what it means to be a professional.

Amanda Gallocher
Administrative Aide, Residential Education
She is full of valuable suggestions and advice and her experience lends itself to the class councils well. We go to her with demanding questions and leave with concrete answers that set the councils on track.”

Thomas Grace
Director, Judicial Affairs and Compliance, Judicial Affairs
Tom's commitment to and passion for the profession, is contagious. He is thoughtful, inclusive, funny and easy to work with. These qualities have important ripple affects that have permeated all the areas that he touches, including the Higher Ed students because of the Student Affairs Conference planning.

Arbok “Bobby” Ives
Graduate Student Employee, Residential Education
She has supported the learning process of RAs by helping them to make residential programs more learning based and providing an educational component to training of staff members. She constantly seeks out RAs to help them develop in certain areas of academic development and personal wellness through conversations and supporting them through difficult decisions.

Alison Jackson
International Student Advisor/Program Coordinator, Office of International Students and Scholars
Alison is truly committed to diversity not only as a true advocate for our large international students but also as an advocate for students who have minority backgrounds… Although Alison is dedicated to her work in our office, she never forgets to assist other Student Affairs’ offices and their events.

Clara Jackson
Program Administrator, Graduate Student Services, Student Resource Center
Clara is highly regarded and respected by her colleagues in the schools, in student affairs and among students. She is constantly building bridges to shore up the distributed resources to more effectively serve all graduate students!

Ashlee Jenson
Undergraduate Student Employee, Athletics, Intramurals and Recreation
Ashlee serves as a leader and role model for the 200 or so students who work at Coles. They always bring her up in conversation as someone they want to emulate. Her maturity beyond her years and insight into the best way to motivate others shines through.

Maribeth Johnson
Program Administrator, Office of Student Activities
Maribeth is always full of energy and very welcoming to all.  She is a terrific example of leadership and in community building with her warm and friendly nature.”

David Jones
Community Development Educator, Residential Education
He has been committed to learning and diversity education from the moment he arrived at NYU. David’s drive for acquiring and sharing knowledge has catapulted his career in student affairs in a magnificent way.

Noah LeFevre
Assistant Director of Athletics/Manager of Palladium Athletic Facility, Athletics, Intramurals and Recreation
The brainchild behind the highly successful 'Tear It Up Campaign.' Visiting players, coaches and administrators have all used words like: WOW, INTIMIDATING, FAN-TASTIC, and JEALOUS when describing the event.

Diana Lugo-Martinez
Program Administrator, Office of Student Activities
I have had the pleasure to work with Diana as she leads the Wellness Subcommittee and to see first hand the many skills and talents she exhibits… many reflective of our Hallmarks. She is an excellent facilitator, steering the committee as it works on initiatives that are new for the division, and as we have learned, new at NYU.

Reji Mathew
Clinical Social Worker, Student Health Center
More than anyone else on staff, Reji has contributed to creating an atmosphere of learning and academic excellence in the Counseling and Behavioral Health Service. She has played the chief role in devising a curriculum for Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), an evidence-based treatment that is particularly appropriate for the student population and a short-term treatment model.”

Melissa Maxwell
Clinical Manager, Student Health Center
Melissa has been a superb manager of the Wellness Office, assuring quality service to students in the many facets of this office: walk-ins, crisis response, and telephone response. Every unit at the health center--primary care, women's health, counseling, etc.--is better able to function thanks to the services of the Wellness office under Melissa's excellent leadership.

Cheryl Parker-Rodriguez
Supervisor, Collection Services, Student Health Center
In addition to identifying financial resources available to students through the university, she has been instrumental in obtaining complementary outside financial resources. Her resourcefulness has resulted in reducing the financial impact to students and making us all aware of various programs available to assist students in need.

Stewart Robinette
Community Development Educator, Residential Education
Stewart is very much respected by his peers in making community and learning a priority. He has done outstanding quality work, concerned about the development of community and staff and is intentional about all the work that he does.

Nicole Rosenthal
Manager, Budget and Accounting, Student Health Center
Her ability to develop innovative solutions and to get others to work collaboratively has helped move forward several critical projects. As an example, her work on navigating the many obstacles encountered in getting the grants processes working, will greatly enhance not only NYU's ability to offer early detection and prevention of student suicides, but also the other schools that have joined in NYU's collaborative project.

Yehuda Sarna
Manager, Religious Life, Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life
Rabbi Sarna is a remarkable spiritual leader for our many Jewish students at NYU, but there is a role he quietly plays each day which goes unnoticed and largely unrecognized – the support and assistance he provides to the New York City recovery community.

Buffy Stoll
Assistant Director, Student Resource Center
Buffy wears many hats at NYU, but it is the sense of professionalism and integrity which she brings to the President's Service Awards which prompts this nomination. She is, quite frankly, the glue that binds this process and committee together.

Ryan Sylvester
Community Development Educator, Residential Education
Ryan is the quintessential educator in the Res Ed department. His building initiative in the Weinstein hall diversity conversations is a unique way for our students to be engaged in discussions regarding issues of diversity.

Traci Thrasher
Graphic Designer, Student Health Center
She is the calm in the storm under tight deadlines and will always make sure that she delivers on time. Traci embodies the spirit of a true team player and in many ways her work ethic is an inspiration to all who know her.

Totka Tzonkova
Budget Coordinator, Residential Education
Totka is truly one of those 'behind the scenes' employees that consistently produces quality work and service without much fanfare or recognition.

Lisa Vogel
Associate Director, International Students and Scholars
Lisa is responsible for processing the highly detailed and technical immigration filings associated with visiting scholars and the employment of international individuals. Since 9/11, the processing of scholars has become extremely complex. Although a highly administrative process, Lisa has made the complex process easy for the scholar.

David Williams
Assistant Community Development Educator, Residential Education
Not only does David embrace diversity on a daily basis within his role and job responsibilities, but he exemplifies this in his committee work and university service, including the Spring Into Leadership Conference where motivated NYU students to  foster Martin Luther King’s “Dream” in their role as leaders in the community.