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Hallmark Awards 2006 Recipients

Pictured from left to right:  Nancy Morrison, Elizabeth Kuzina, Scott Hornick, Brian Guerrero, Brett Krutzsch, Therese Grande, Sara Bleiberg, Kristin Balicki, Marc Wais

2005-06 Hallmark Award Winners

Kristin Balicki
Administrative Aide, Student Resource Center
Kristin is a major reason the SRC is able to provide the service we do, and she does it in a thorough and caring way that makes our constituents continue to depend on us.  In addition to her service to the thousands who call, email and visit the SRC each year, Kristin serves as a supervisor and mentor to our student staff, who learn the importance of quality service from her.

Sara Bleiberg
Community Development Educator, Residential Education
From the perspective of a colleague, it is difficult to imagine how Sara manages the extensive amount of programs and staff in her hall, much less that she does so in a way that exceeds expectations.  Sara has a very high level of enthusiasm that does not fade, which in turn has greatly impacted the experiences of residents and the home-like feeling of the residence hall.

Brian Guerrero
Senior Assistant Director, Wasserman Center for Career Development
Brian sees his work very holistically – Career Development is not an office with an isolated mission, but part of the ‘big picture’ when it comes to student life and success after college.  Even though his work brings him into contact with many students, staff members, and employers, he takes the time to make a personal connection.  At a very large institution, Brian never sees anyone as ‘just a number.’

Brett Krutzsch
Community Development Educator, Residential Education
Last summer, Brett noticed a great need in Residential Education.  All Resident Assistants are asked to provide programs to their residents that highlight an issue related to diversity.  Brett felt that the RAs did not necessarily have enough training or information to adequately put together diversity programs that will challenge students to examine issues in a new light.  Brett took it upon himself to develop the Resident Assistant Social Justice Series.

Elizabeth Kuzina
Manager for Special Projects, Office of the VP for Student Affairs
Elizabeth has played an integral role in the development of the Student Affairs Staff Development committee.  She understands the important role this committee plays as we work to build community and to foster opportunities for collaborations to provide an amazing educational experience for our students.  She contributes to these big picture initiatives while also managing the day-to-day small and big crises that arise, such as the University's response to our Katrina students.

2005-06 Student Employee Award Winners

Therese Grande
Resident Assistant and Student Assistant, Residential Education
Undergraduate Student Employee
Therese exhibits a level of maturity, dedication, and professionalism that is admirable and on-par with much more seasoned professionals.  Therese is an individual who is always ready to take on a project or lend a helping hand.  She is an invaluable member of a team who provides insight from the perspective of an informed student.

Scott Hornick
Student Aide, Moses Center for Students with Disabilities
Graduate Student Employee

Scott’s impact is universal to all. He is the perfect model for our other student workers as he shows a great sense of tenacity and responsibility toward his work and his academic studies.  Scott’s dependability and punctuality is yet another positive example for all in the office.  He is not afraid to make intelligent decisions.  He offers tangible suggestions for problems that arise on a daily basis.

2005-06 Hallmark Award Nominees

Brian Arao, Residential Education
Kate Baier, Residential Education
Sharline Bryan, Residential Education
Patricia DeLorenzo, Student Health Center
Adam Ebnit, Office of Student Activities
Nic Evans, Office of Student Activities
Amanda Gallocher, Residential Education
Maggie Gessner, Athletics, Intramurals and Recreation
Adrianna Guram, Residential Education
Althea Harvey, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
Craig Jolley, Residential Education
Nishmin Kashyap, Residential Education
John Kazlauskas, Residential Education
Kathleen Kernizan, Student Health Center
Donald Kreuz, Student Health Center
Luke LaCroix, Residential Education
Morgan Levy, Residential Education
Kristi Lonardo, Residential Education
Kristen Lynaugh, Residential Education
Alex Martinez, Athletics, Intramurals and Recreation
Brian Mecca, Athletics, Intramurals and Recreation
Nancy Morrison, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
David Perez II, Residential Education
Stephen Polniaszek, Student Resource Center
Blake Redding, Student Resource Center
Stewart Robinette, Residential Education
Vanessa Rook, Athletics, Intramurals and Recreation
Anna Schmidt, Residential Education
Lisa Shell, Residential Education
Amy Snyder, Residential Education
Elizabeth “Buffy” Stoll, Student Resource Center
Annette Tucker, Wasserman Center for Career Development
David Vogelsang, Student Resource Center
Maurice Washington, Residential Education

2005-06 Student Employee Hallmark Award Nominees

Soid Diaz, Student Health Center
Amber Hampton, Center for Multicultural Education and Programs
Lori Mull, Residential Education
Kip Sorgen, Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Student Services
Chris Stipeck, Residential Education
Lisa Tadych, Residential Education