September 1, 2008 – August 31, 2009

A Message From the Vice President

I am pleased once again to provide this report of the activities and accomplishments of the Division of Student Affairs for the past year. In doing so, we hope not only to document our contributions to the NYU community, but also to reflect the broad contours and rich diversity of student life, which gives the University much of its vitality.

The Division provides a wide variety of programs and services designed to help students succeed and grow within a community of scholars. Major priorities during the past year have focused on continued expansion in the breadth and accessibility of student health services, enhancement of career development programs and services for graduate students and alums, collaborative assessment of our diversity programs and services, increased involvement of faculty in our educational endeavors, and continued refinement of a strategic communication plan for community development initiatives. All of our efforts incorporate assessment strategies to continually hone and cull best programs and practices to ensure that we accomplish our goals in meeting the needs of students. Finally, we continue to build and strengthen partnerships with other University offices, including Admissions and Alumni Relations, which reflect a holistic approach to the college experience.

Click here for an executive summary of this year's highlights. Full report will be posted soon.

We continue to be grateful for the collaboration and cooperation of our colleagues in the Schools and other administrative areas, the support of the University’s leadership, and of course, the many contributions of our students, all of which make these achievements possible. We remain steadfastly committed to our student affairs “hallmarks” -- learning, community, diversity, wellness, and quality service -- that guide and unify our services and programs.

As we look ahead, we are encouraged by a noticeably positive mood among our students and their extraordinary enthusiasm to be involved in all aspects of life at the University. We are excited about prospects for building on this momentum and welcome your guidance in that process.

With all best wishes,

Marc Lee Wais

October 1, 2009