Disconnections on a College Campus: Using Relational-Cultural Theory with Women of Color

Due to the many factors that students of color face, support systems can alleviate many stressors and provide an opportunity to develop meaningful relationships. Unlike traditional therapeutic and developmental models that emphasize competitiveness, individualization and separation, Relational-Cultural Theory (RCT) fosters relationships that acknowledge and challenge the ideologies of Western values. The core belief of RCT is deconstructing obstacles that individuals encounter in relational contexts. This workshop will explore student development theory, current issues facing college women of color, an overview of RCT and how to use this model to begin the conversation surrounding women empowerment.


Sherlene I. Ayala, Assistant Director for Leadership & Diversity, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Doctoral Student at Montclair State University

Sailume Walo-Roberts, Doctoral Fellow, Montclair State University, and Doctoral Student, Montclair State University