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Welcome New NYU Parents and Welcome Back Returning Parents!
August in New York City has been a whirlwind (pun intended!). With the delay of Move-In Day due to the hurricane that swept into NYC, we're finally caught up. For those of you new to NYU, about once a month, the Student Resource Center sends out an online e-newsletter to help parents stay informed and connected to what's going on around NYU. This e-newsletter also serves to supplement the NYU Parent website which has numerous resources available to you and your student. Be sure to check the website regularly for dates, deadlines, contact information, and neighborhood resources such as banking, storage, bakeries, supermarkets, and more at www.nyu.edu/parents.

Developing new relationships can be one of the more difficult responsibilities a student has when they are new to NYU. Encouraging your student to join a student organization is one of the best ways to help your student feel a sense of community and connectedness. NYU has hundreds of student clubs and organizations ranging from arts to politics, recreation to religion, and academic to social. Additionally, there are club sports, student government associations, community service opportunities, and musical ensembles to choose from. For links to the various involvement opportunities, click here >>.

Living with a roommate can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a student's college career, often times resulting in life-long friendships; however, living with someone also has its challenges - especially for so many students who may have grown up having their own space. Conflict is a normal part of roommate relationships, and it is important for these conflicts to be addressed by everyone living in the room/apartment. The Office of Residential Life & Housing Services is available to assist students with conflicts that may arise between roommates/suitemates and has provided a guide on their website which contains useful information in working through a conflict. Click for more >>

With a population of students that is more and more global, we understand the importance of advance planning for travel during break periods. Although we are providing you with dates below, students should also check their course syllabus or consult with their professor to confirm class meeting and exam schedules. Note that residence halls remain open during all breaks. Fall break periods include:
  • October 10-11 - Fall Break -- no classes for students, however the University is open.
  • Thursday November 24th - Sunday 26th - university closed. Although classes are scheduled to be held on Wednesday, November 23rd, students should check with their professors to confirm if their class will be held on that day.
  • For additional dates, a more comprehensive calendar is available on the Parent Website.

PARENT'S DAY: Saturday, September 24, 2011
Held annually for the parents of new freshmen and transfer students, Parent's Day features a variety of academic and informational programs designed to introduce parents to academic and student life at NYU. It is also a great opportunity to visit with your son or daughter and explore the city. If you prefer, we also invite you to make the day your own, participating in what your schedule will allow. To help us gage attendance, please register by September 20, 2011 by clicking here >>

New York University, as a nonsectarian institution, adheres to the general policy of including in its official calendar only certain legal holidays. However, it has also long been University policy that members of any religious group may, without penalty, absent themselves from classes when compliance with their religious obligations requires it. In 1988, the University Senate affirmed this policy and passed a resolution that elaborated on it as follows:

  • Students who anticipate being absent because of any religious observance should, whenever possible, notify faculty in advance of such anticipated absence. Whenever feasible, examinations and assignment deadlines should not be scheduled on religious holidays. Any student absent from class because of religious beliefs shall not be penalized for any class, examination, or assignment deadline missed on that day or days. If examinations or assignment deadlines are scheduled, any student who is unable to attend class because of religious beliefs shall be given the opportunity to make up that day or days. No adverse or prejudicial effects shall result to any student who avails him/herself of the above provisions.

The safety of our students is a top priority for NYU. One of the most important tools in an emergency, small or large, is swift communication. NYU has the capacity to send mass text messages to a student's mobile device in order to provide them with direct and timely information in case of an emergency. As a parent, you can assist by making sure your student has updated their cell phone number on their Albert account and informing them that communication is two-way. We will do all we can to communicate to students, but as they are free to come and go, encouraging them to let others know (like roommates, parents, friends, hall staff, etc) where they will be during an emergency will help all of us be better informed.

In addition to text messages, students have a number of places where they can search for information 24/7 regarding emergencies, inclement weather closings, or other important communications. These include the following:

  • the NYU website, specifically www.nyu.edu/alert
  • by calling the Information Alerts Hotline at 212-998-1220 (on the back of student ID)
  • the Department of Public Safety, 212-998-2222 (on the back of student ID)
  • the NYU Wellness Exchange, 212-443-9999 (on the back of student ID)
  • and of course by asking any one of our Public Safety Officers stationed in NYU residence halls and academic buildings throughout campus

For more information about resources for students regarding safety and security, please visit the Department of Public Safety's website by clicking here.



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FALL 2011
Parent's Day: Sept 24
Fall Break: Oct 10 &11 (no classes)
Thanksgiving Break: Nov 24-26
Final Exams: Dec 19-23
Winter Break: Dec 24- Jan 2

Winter Session: Jan 23
Spring Classes Begin: Jan 23

For emergencies throughout the year, the NYU Department of Public Safety, as well as the Wellness Exchange, are available 24/7. Contact information is as follows:

Public Safety:

Wellness Exchange:


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