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MESSAGE FROM Marc Wais, Vice President for Global Student Affairs

Dear Parents,

It has been a week since NYU reopened after Hurricane Sandy and I am thankful for this opportunity to communicate with you.  I know there are families here in the tri-state area who have been impacted by the storm, in some cases quite severely, and our thoughts and prayers are with those who are in the process of recovery after such devastating events.

Especially for parents who are located outside of our geographic area, I greatly appreciate the trust you placed in NYU in caring for your children.  My colleagues and I have received some truly heartfelt correspondence from parents, and we thank you for taking the time to write with words of encouragement, support, and advice.  It was wonderful to be able to share that feedback with the many NYU staff members who braved the weather to come to campus -- for many, working around the clock, to provide resources and services to student residents and the commuter students who sheltered here during the hurricane. 

Perhaps the most striking aspect of last week has been the large number of NYU students who volunteered to be of service to those in need in the local community.  Even as some of our students were displaced from their residence halls or were prevented from commuting home, they sought out opportunities to reach out to others in most dire need.  Projects included visiting elderly or homebound residents who were stranded in buildings without power, preparing and serving food in makeshift shelters, and collecting and delivering emergency supplies to distribution centers for people in the most profoundly impacted areas.  The need for service will continue for many weeks into the future, and our Center for Student Activities, Leadership and Service is our coordination point for students seeking ongoing opportunities to assist in relief efforts.

Once again, the NYU community pulled together in a time of uncertainty and challenge, and came through admirably.  This could only have been accomplished by a strong, connected community whose members support, respect, and genuinely care for one another.  I am very proud to be part of such a community, and as members of the NYU family, I hope you also feel encouraged and inspired by the actions of our students during this unexpected crisis.


Due to the Hurricane, Spring 2013 registration has been postponed to begin Monday, November 26th. Students should use this time to make sure their accounts are up to date to avoid any holds on their registration. Read more . . .

As NYU has become a more global university, traveling for the holidays is not always possible for all students. NYU residence halls remain open throughout university breaks and holidays, although some services like dining and campus transportation may be limited or unavailable. If your student is staying around during the break or attending classes during January Session, the Student Resource Center's Thanksgiving Break Guide will be available beginning November 16, 2012 for great resources and information on NYC and NYU during the break.

Students have three major airports to choose from in the NYC area, with a variety of transportation options, including taxi, bus, train, and subway. For information on getting to and from local airports, click here.

If your student is preparing to go on a Spring 2013 semester away program, you both are probably feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness. A great resource is the NYU Study Away website where by selecting your student's travel location, you can then choose from the "parent" (bottom of page) or the "admitted students" (top of page) tabs to help you stay connected and informed. If your student is living on campus and wondering what to do with their stuff while they are away, the Student Resource Center has put together a list of storage, moving, and shipping resources to assist with the process. Click here for more . . .

Living in the residence halls provides an invaluable complement to a student's academic career, allowing students to connect with people, places, and parts of the city like no other experience. For students wishing to experience on campus living, the Spring semester offers a perfect opportunity. To learn more about housing availability students should access the Housing Application via the housing forms page, available through the NYUHome > Housing Forms Log-In Channel.  For more information, explore the Office of Residential Life and Housing Services website by clicking here.  Please note, the spring application deadline is November 30, 2012 for students not already in residence.

Post Hurricane Sandy, we thought it important to reiterate where to search for information 24/7 regarding emergencies, inclement weather closings, or other important communications. Note that the NYU Parent Helpline is not an emergency line. Staff members are available to assist during business hours when the university is open for questions and referrals, however we encourage you to make note of the other resources available 24/7 to assist you with critical information:

  • the NYU website, specifically www.nyu.edu/info.alert or by calling the recorded Information Alert Hotline at 212-998-1220 (on the back of student ID) or follow us on Twitter
  • Follow New York University on Facebook
  • the NYU Mobile App: www.nyu.edu/mobile
  • the NYU Wellness Exchange, 212-443-9999 (on the back of student ID)
  • and of course by asking any one of our Public Safety Officers stationed in NYU residence halls and academic buildings throughout campus or by calling 212-998-2222 (on the back of student ID) or even 911.

Emergency Messenging: NYU has the capacity to send text and voice messages to cell phones in order to provide direct and timely emergency information to students. Students can add their information, as well other contacts, through NYU Albert's Student Center, under the Personal Information / Emergency Contacts section.

QUICK TIP: NYUWellness Exchange
Did you know that NYU students can access a 24-hour hotline, seven days a week, answered by mental health professionals who can help address day-to-day challenges students face such as fitting in, making friends, stress, anxiety, and time management; as well as more serious issues like depression, sexual assault, alcohol and drug dependence, and eating disorders? The Wellness Exchange is available for students who just need to talk or to call about a friend, and for parents who might need some advice on helping their student. The Wellness Exchange phone number is available on the back of every student's NYU ID card.

Call: 212-443-9999| Email: wellness.exchange@nyu.edu | Web: www.nyu.edu/999

Update: Note that last month we provided information on the land-line available in student residences. We received several questions about "dialing out". Because these phone lines are a part of the NYU telephone system, students would need to dial "9" and then the number. They would also need to purchase a Long Distance Calling card for out of area calls. Additional instructions are available by clicking here, and students can ask at their Residence Hall Resource Center for additional assistance.



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If you are unable to view this email, go to: http://www.nyu.edu/src/parent.family.resources/archive/nov_12.html