An NYU education affords students the environment to develop skills and knowledge that they will apply in different contexts throughout their lives and careers. Since its founding, the University has never thought of itself as a gated community, it has always encouraged its students to think of themselves as participants in and shapers of their complex and changing surroundings. As such, part of NYU's teaching mission is to prepare students to succeed in a diverse world, which is realized in bringing students from many countries to study together in New York and the numerous options you will have to study away from New York.

NYU seeks to provide flexible and comprehensive opportunities throughout the year. During the summer you will be able to choose to enroll in courses in New York or in more than 20 international locations, and a developing roster of intersession programs enable you to take advantage of academically rigorous and personally enriching educational and cultural experiences in January. As you navigate the depth of NYU experiences you will also begin to hear about alternative spring break trips, research travel, and cultural enrichment programs that bring students away from New York to experience new surroundings. As an NYU student you will become accustomed to learning about new opportunities as they develop.

We know there is so much to think about, and we will continue to communicate with you about the global opportunities, but you are encouraged to bookmark these URLs. The experiences students have when they enroll in NYU's global network consistently remain as some of the most memorable highlights of their college career.

I look forward to welcoming you to campus,

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Ulrich Baer
Vice Provost for Globalization and Multicultural Affairs


Office of Global Programs
110 East 14th Street, Lower Level
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Through NYU's global network you will have the incredible opportunity as early as your sophomore year to study for one semester or more in

Abu Dhabi, UAE
Accra, Ghana
Berlin, Germany
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Florence, Italy
London, England
Madrid, Spain
Paris, France
Prague, Czech Republic
Shanghai, China
Sydney, Australia
Tel Aviv, Israel
Washington, DC, US

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In addition to the NYU locations listed above, a direct exchange program enables NYU students to enroll in one of 16 partner universities. Once you arrive on campus in New York you will also learn about school-based global opportunities that allow you to study away from New York while earning credit toward your degree.