R.E.A.L. Workshop Series Archive

2014-2015 Workshops

Sep 15, 2014

Do It Yourself PR for Startups & Social Enterprises

YOU WILL START WITH BASICS: What is PR? // Why PR? // Who can do PR? // What will the media write about? YOU WILL LEARN THE MARKET VALUE OF PR: Who should do PR? // How will PR help my business? // Who is my target media? // How do I approach the media? // Media Training 101 // Where social media fits in YOU WILL ALSO LEARN SOPHISTICATED TECHNIQUES: How to create news when your product remains the same // How to think like a journalist // PR tactics, from the RELEASE to targeted outreach // Media follow up // Media & relationships // Improving PR skills FIND OUT WHERE PR MEETS INNOVATION & SOCIAL ENTERPRISE: PR & Innovation - How to leverage PR and be an industry game changer

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