R.E.A.L. Workshop Series

NYU Social Entrepreneurship Program R.E.A.L. Workshop Series: Realistic Entrepreneurial Actionable Learning

Responding to the demand for greater access to social entrepreneurial related content, the NYU Social Entrepreneurship Program is pleased to launch the R.E.A.L. Workshop Series: a series designed to support social entrepreneurs and changemakers with practical skills and knowledge bases critical to success in the field.

This series digs deep into the program's network of social entrepreneurship professionals to feature a diverse collection of leaders who have honed their know-how through practice. Each presenter will share their knowledge and breadth of experience, leaving participants with a tangible skill or lesson learned to apply to their own projects and changemaking trajectories. All you need to bring is an open mind!

The series is free, except where a fee is noted. It is open to the public and to students from across the entire NYU community, with some sessions specifically targeted to undergraduates, graduates or the executive communities. An RSVP is required for each event.

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