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Gallatin School of Individualized Study
Bachelor of Arts, May 2010
Politics, Communications & Human Rights
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Nathan Maton-Parkinson is curious about what motivates people. Over the last eight years, Matt has worked with communities as an organizer, and taught individuals one-on-one and through media as a writer, marketer, advertiser, game designer and interactive experience manager. He writes and publishes articles on national identity, digital education, political belief development and more in research and policy journals. Currently his job is to run online marketing at an education technology startup focused on bringing down higher education tuition costs.

He hopes that in his lifetime every learner in the world will have access to affordable learning experiences that put them in a flow state maximizing a challenge without becoming overwhelming.

He has been teaching and creating educational experiences with technology for five years. Hes worked with schools such as Harvard, Penn State and community colleges across the country, as well as with brands such as Google, The Economist, National Geographic, Zagat, Samsung, Nokia and more.