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Silver School of Social Work
Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science, May 2010
Social Work & History
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Jessica Ann Mason is interested in how marginalized communities can use technology to create scalable political change. She currently works in communications and public affairs for YouTube. One of the teams she works on is YouTube for Good, a company wide effort to develop tools and services for nonprofits, educators, and activists.

Prior to working at YouTube, Jessica worked for a New Zealand based NGO, directing their disaster relief program in Haiti. She also traveled across the U.S. on an advocacy tour at over 80 schools and universities to raise awareness and funds for leading nonprofits working to combat extreme poverty. While an undergraduate at NYU, Jessica spent much of her time working with homeless teenagers. This led her to co-found a supportive housing organization that currently houses young women in Queens. Her domestic and international experiences heavily shaped her views on how technology and the internet can be powerful democratizing tools for disenfranchised communities to access education and participate in regional, national, and international politics.

Jessica was the recipient of several scholarships and awards during her time at NYU, including the Reynolds scholarship and the grand prize in Ashoka/Youth Venture's 'Be a Changemaker Challenge' for her work with homeless youth. She was also invited to give the 2010 student commencement address on behalf of all graduating students at the new Yankee Stadium. She spoke about trying to view the future through a lens of value rather than success. Jessica graduated with high honors from NYU with a BS in Social Work and a BA in History.