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Gallatin School of Individualized Study
Bachelor of Arts, May 2013
Social Entrepreneurship
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Rachel Hurley completed her Bachelor of Arts degree at New York University in the Gallatin School of Individualized Study. Through her Gallatin concentration as well as her participation in the NYU Reynolds program she pursued study of Social Entrepreneurship with a focus on not-for-profit capacity building and corporate social responsibility.

Rachel owes her desire to change the world to her parents. For as long as she can remember, her parents were involved in making the world a better place and making a change became as much a part of her worldview as having a family or going to college. Throughout her life she has been very involved with numerous not-for-profits and NGO’s. Though all of these experiences have solidified her commitment to social change, they made her less and less sure of the traditional model as a means to accomplish that change. The frustrations and challenges of fund-raising in an uncertain economy and limitations of working with fluctuating boards and limited resources have motivated her to seek alternative ways to make a difference that is more meaningful.

The rapidly growing field of social entrepreneurship has provided Rachel with just the alternative she was looking for. Though Rachel is inspired by social enterprise and SE innovations like micro-savings she considers herself more of a Social Intrepreneur, because she is most interested in working within existing systems to make them more socially entrepreneurial. She believes that businesses, especially large corporations, are underutilized sources for social good and that not-for-profits and NGO’s have infinite potential in their ability to achieve their mission in a more sustainable way. Rachel pursued and will continue to puruse internships, work experience and volunteer positions with a diverse and varied portfolio of organizations, such as Teach for America, B Lab and The New American Tavern as a way to learn more about what it means to make efficient, effective and sustainable change.