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College of Arts and Science
Bachelor of Arts, May 2013
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Charlotte Abrams studied Economics in the College of Arts and Science with a minor in Social Entrepreneurship, and completed a certificate in Real Estate Finance and Investment at the Schack Institute of Real Estate. She is interested in addressing economic inequality through creating and innovating supportive housing in the U.S. and abroad.

After moving to downtown Los Angeles in high school, Charlotte lived just blocks from Skid Row, the homeless capital of the country. Through volunteering at a local shelter, she soon learned that the most vulnerable homeless population, the chronic homeless, was not sufficiently assisted because the shelter lacked the resources necessary for consistent care. In 2009, Charlotte began interning at Enterprise Community Partners in New York and at Emerging Markets, Inc. an economic development consulting firm based in Los Angeles that focuses on bringing banking resources and fresh food supermarkets to low-income neighborhoods. In summer 2011, Charlotte worked at the Special Needs Housing division of the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development assisting with tenant applications, grant compliance, and supportive housing development activities. Most recently, she completed an internship at a real estate investment firm evaluating distressed mortgages throughout the country.

Charlotte experienced first-hand the uncertainty and hopelessness that homeless individuals confront during her own family's brush with homelessness following the 2008-2009 Recession. Impassioned by her family's experience, Charlotte is determined to innovate homeless organizations' funding streams on a large enough scale to help significantly reduce, or end, chronic homelessness. Charlotte began forming a scalable business model in 2010 that she continues to develop. The result is Conscious Properties which explores how private real estate companies can profit from corporate social responsibility initiatives that benefit the homeless. Her work as co-founder helped Conscious Properties become finalists in the 2010-2011 NYU Reynolds/Youth Venture Be A Changemaker Challenge.

Charlotte completed her Reynolds Internship as a Summer Fellow at A. Larovere Consulting where she assists with the development of several supportive housing and economic development projects in New York City and the District of Columbia. Charlotte has been a Teaching Fellow of social entrepreneurship in the Stern School of Business and a Mentor for the NYU Ashoka Youth Venture High School Challenge. She hopes to inspire her peers to take on social issues that are important to them.

Recognizing that even the most basic housing can provide immense opportunity to families everywhere, Charlotte plans to attend Business and Law School to learn how real estate firms can more actively participate in low-income housing creation and preservation. Charlotte hopes to continue exploring all aspects of real estate and supportive housing including policy, law, design, development and finance.