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Gallatin School of Individualized Study
Bachelor of Arts, May 2010
Concentration: Post-Conflict Development & Education
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Hannah Davis studied International and Human Development with a focus on Creative Arts; she received her B.A. in May 2010.

Hannah's interest in this work began during a month-long independent study she undertook in Ghana as a high school senior. As part of her study, she spent time in regional schools and found that classes were overcrowded, teachers often did not come to class because of low salaries, and rote-style learning was inhibiting creativity and critical thinking.

With some funding secured, Hannah returned to Pokuase, Ghana in the summer of 2007 to implement the Ghana Literacy Project (GLP). The GLP runs classes such as the Girls' Exploration and Empowerment Club (GEEC), a weekend class for girls in public schools that supplements their education with science classes, computer skills, field trips, guest speakers, career-based mentoring, a book club, and other curricular and extracurricular opportunities. The GLP began a theater program in the spring of 2009 which runs an additional two classes per week. The organization also hosts summer courses; past subjects have been creative writing and astronomy. Additionally, the Ghana Literacy Project provides scholarships to the girls in the program, and supports Pokuase's first library, which was created by one of GLP's teachers.

The Ghana Literacy Project is currently in the process of creating three projects that will help the organization become financially sustainable. Two of these projects, an environmentally friendly public toilet and an internet café run by the girls in GEEC, will be based in Pokuase. The third, a fair-trade jewelry business, will be based in New York.

Hannah is also interested in the creative arts, particularly in creative writing and film. She has recently become interested in technologies that can help create new artworks and new ways of aiding the developing world. In addition to her time in Ghana, she has also lived in France, studying French, and Peru, creating mini videos for a nonprofit organization.