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NYU REYNOLDS Expert Advisors

NYU Reynolds Expert Advisors Program (PDF)

NYU Reynolds Expert Advisors are leading professionals, visionaries and thinkers in social entrepreneurship and related fields. These practitioners share their knowledge and personal experience in such topics as strategic philanthropy, venture capital, traditional banking, foundations, blended value propositions, corporate social responsibility, business plan development, leadership, and organizational management and operations issues.

Each Expert Advisor leads a ninety minute seminar, lecture or workshop for the program cohort in his or her area of expertise. Fellows and Scholars come prepared having read assigned material and ready to engage.

The Expert Advisors become part of the Reynolds network, and serve as a resource for cohort members over their two years in the program; the Expert Advisors might, for example, review a business plan, provide project-specific advice, or connect a Scholar or Fellow to prospective mentors or internship opportunities. They also refer speakers to the program, recommend readings or material that can be added to NYU's permanent social entrepreneurial collection, or invite cohort members to participate in conferences related to their chosen fields.

The Reynolds Program continues to forge relationships with leading professionals, visionaries and thinkers and enlists them as NYU Reynolds Expert Advisors. If you are interested in serving as an Expert Advisor have questions about the role, please contact us at