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Graduate Fellowship


Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service
Master of Public Administration, May 2009
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After graduating from the NYU Wagner School of Public Service, Dominique West joined the NYC Department of Education (NYCDOE) as Chief of Staff for the Research and Policy Support Group. She was then Director of Operations for the department’s Office of Early Childhood Education and currently serves as Deputy Strategy Officer for the NYCDOE’s Division of Talent, Labor and Innovation where she is responsible for operational and strategic management of several key initiatives related to talent management citywide.

Throughout her undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley, Dominique discovered that public service was her greatest source of fulfillment. Dominique devoted much of her time to activities that enhanced the social and academic experience for students of color through positions including director of the Black Recruitment and Retention Center, peer tutor, and president of a public service sorority. Since graduating, she has engaged in policy research for the Los Angeles Universal Preschool initiative, participated in the Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs, and served as Program Director for a nonprofit community service agency. In this role, she developed a college-preparatory program entitled Experience Berkeley that seeks to increase the numbers of highly qualified underrepresented students at UC Berkeley.

Dominique was responsible for overseeing the program’s recruitment and selection process, managing logistics and staff, partnering with campus leadership and assisting with fundraising efforts. On average, over 50 percent of Experience Berkeley participants have been admitted to UC Berkeley since 2005. The program has expanded to include Chicano/Latino and Native American students, and transfer students.