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Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation

The mission of the Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation is to help educate young people, to inspire them to believe in their power to make a difference as individuals, and to motivate them to reach their greatest potential as citizens and productive members of society.

Catherine B. Reynolds brings to the world of philanthropy the same energy and entrepreneurial spirit that ensured her success in the realm of commerce. As the leader of two businesses, Mrs. Reynolds created a new and affordable way for Americans to finance a college education. A bold, innovative thinker, she developed a privately-funded alternative to government student loan programs. Through her vision and perseverance, hundreds of thousands of Americans have been able to attend the college of their choice. In only one decade, this creative approach to private educational financing revolutionized student lending and spawned a multibillion-dollar industry of 65 lenders offering more than 200 financial products.

Presently, Mrs. Reynolds devotes her time and abilities primarily to philanthropic pursuits as the creator and chairman of one of the largest foundations in the nation.

For more information, visit the Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation website.