NYU/D-Prize Social Venture Competition

The Challenges

D-Prize has identified several distribution challenges that are stopping proven interventions from reaching the people who need them. We are looking for innovative distribution ideas to address one of these challenges in developing countries.

Education Challenges:

  1. Flip the Classroom in Resource-Limited Settings D-Prize Education Flip Classroom Challenge
  2. Improve Accountability in Education D-Prize Education Accountability Challenge

Energy Challenges:

  1. Scale Access to Solar Lamps D-Prize Energy Solar Lamp Challenge
  2. Increase Access to Clean Cook Stoves D-Prize Energy Cookstoves Challenge

Girl's Education Challenges:

  1. Scale Up Education Interventions to Reduce Teen Pregnancy D-Prize Girl's Education Sugar Daddy Awareness Challenge
  2. Scale Up Educational Scholarships D-Prize Girl's Education Scholarship Challenge

Governance & Infrastructure Challenges:

  1. Improve Accountability of Public Officials and Services D-Prize Governance Transparency Challenge
  2. Map and Monitor Road Infrastructure Projects D-Prize Governance Road Monitoring Challenge

Health Challenges:

  1. Address Problems in the Vaccine Supply Chain D-Prize Global Health Vaccine Challenge
  2. Identify Patients Needing Simple Corrective Interventions D-Prize Global Health PatientID Challenge
  3. Train Birthing Attendants and Reduce Postpartum Hemhorrage D-Prize Global Health PPH Challenge

Custom Challenge: D-Prize Custom Challenge

Distribute a proven, sustainable, and scalable solution. The custom challenge opens the door to any ideas you may have to distribute a proven poverty intervention to people in need. Your idea can come from any sector, focus on any poverty-related issue area, and be distributed in any developing country you choose around the globe. Remember, we are looking for innovation in distribution and a strong plan to reach new people with an existing solution, not innovation in the intervention you choose to distribute.

Additional Resources

For more help in designing your idea, check out some of the resources below:

Join our webinars in January and February to help answer questions and inform your concept note.

Ready to apply?

Review eligibility, judging criteria, and download the NYU/D-Prize Round 1 Application Packet with instructions for submission. The first round deadline for entry is February 4, 2018.

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