NYU Changemaker Challenge

2016 Changemaker Challenge

Congratulations to the 2016 Changemaker Challenge Winners!

Please join the NYU Social Entrepreneurship Program in congratulating two outstanding teams who received this year's Changemaker Challenge Grand Prize Award - Make Sense and UNMUTED!

NYU Social Entrepreneurship would also like to congratulate this year's 2016 CmC seed grant recipients: Zhener Ma (NYU Shanghai), Xinyue Chen (NYU Shanghai), and Yilun Wu (NYU Shanghai) of CSE, Karishma Bhagani (Tisch) and Raneisha Leacock (Stern) of Matone de Chiwit, and Jacob Zarzecki (Stern) and Jorge Castro (Stern) of Shareholder.

Venture Teams

Make Sense

Make Sense is a web and mobile platform that provides a quick and engaging way to develop an informed opinion on big issues in the world and then take action. Congratulations to team members Katherine Stein (CAS), Aravind Murali (Tandon), Jixuan Sun (Tisch), Charles Moxley (CAS), Lenard Moxley (CAS), and Shea Paris (American University)!

CmC Grand Prize Winner, 2016


UNMUTED's short-term goal is to bring back the discussion of sensitive topics and facilitate communication between LGBTQ groups and the rest of China. Ultimately, they hope to become an example of early social activism that forms a community and brings unity to existing activist organizations in China. Congratulations to team members Kexin Huang (CAS), Tianran Qian (Liberal Studies), Yixhou Shao (Liberal Studies), and Yirou Yu (Barnard College)!

CmC Grand Prize Winner, 2016


CSE (College Sex Education) provides systematic sex education and evaluation to Chinese college students. It's mission is to reduce STD, HIV and abortion rates among Chinese college students and help Chinese society become aware of the importance of mandatory sex education.

CmC Seed Grant Winner, 2016

Matone de Chiwit

Matone de Chiwit aims to solve the global problem of lack of access to clean drinking water by creating and distributing cost effective water purifiers, made of traditional elements (sand, gravel, charcoal, cotton cloth and muringa), to the 17 million residents of Kenya who suffer from lack of access to clean drinking water. Eventually, the project aims to expand to a global scale, eradicating the lack of access to clean water in developing countries, and providing disaster aid to developed countries.

CmC Seed Grant Winner, 2016


Shareholder empowers individuals to invest in their long-run financial stability while investing in a sustainable future for our world. Their mission is to make “impact investing” known simply as investing, growing a community committed to proving that financial success correlates with impact. They strive to set up an infrastructure for the rapidly growing impact investment industry.

CmC Seed Grant Winner, 2016

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