NYU Changemaker Challenge

2017 Changemaker Challenge

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Changemaker Challenge!

Please join the NYU Social Entrepreneurship program in congratulating three outstanding teams who received grants at this year's Changemaker Challenge!

We are thrilled to announce that The Abari Collective is the winner of this year's Grand Prize Award and will receive $10,000 to start their venture. We would also like to congratulate two seed grant winners -Alba Law and Folt - who will each receive a Seed Grant Award of $1,000 to turn their visions for social change into reality.

Finally, we'd like to thank all of the teams that participated in this year's Changemaker Challenge and all of the volunteers and professionals who helped make it possible. Each participant showed a tremendous amount of dedication, hard work, and passion for their unique social change vision, and we look forward to seeing what's next! See below for more information about all seven of the 2017 finalist teams.

Venture Teams

The Abari Collective

2017 Best Overall Venture and Grand Prize Winner

The Abari Collective will establish a for-profit social enterprise jewelry program that fosters leadership and business management skills, pioneering the first and only East African metal design vocational program for women. The Abari Collective is a branch of Richards Rwanda-IMPUHWE, which supports educational opportunities for girls in Rwanda. The overall goal is to empower Rwandan women through entrepreneurship opportunities and economic development that allows them a chance to build a sustainable life.

Congratulations to team members Jessica Markowitz (Gallatin '18) and Jeannine Sheinberg (Stern '18)!


2017 Seed Grant Winner

AlbaLaw's goal is to bring law and justice for the workplace into the palm of every Korean. They aim to create a convenient solution to exploitative labor conditions by delivering a reliable and confidential chatbot that provides useful legal information, guidelines and can even complete and file basic documents with the Ministry of Labor. Confirming and documenting labor rights will be as simple as texting a friend, while being as accessible as anyone in your contact list.

Congratulations to team members Hoyoung Jun (NYU Shanghai '19), Myunggun Seo (NYU Abu Dhabi '19), and Songha Ban (NYU Shanghai '20)!


2017 Seed Grant Winner

Folt is making humanity's transition to reusable drinkware through sustainable clean water technologies. Those technologies include an app for finding water fountains and water tracking, a folding reusable water bottle and a refill station.

Congratulations to team members Szymon Pawica (Stern '18), Daniel Alarcon (CAS '18), and Magdalena Sawicka (Tandon '18)!

Bolt Learning

2017 CmC Finalist

Bolt Learning's mission is to help every student around the world unlock their own potential by removing the obstacles that block their academic success. By leveraging technology, data, and design, Bolt is working to close the achievement gap through an equitable and accessible approach that enables students to take charge of their own learning.

Team Members: Jack DeFuria (Gallatin '19) and Phil Fishbein (Stevens Institute of Technology '19)


2017 CmC Finalist

Our money is powerful, and we can change the world if we spend it right. Many of our problems stem from our collective ignorance of the impact firms have on our world, not only caused by using the product, but during the production process itself. MarketVote seeks to both inform and empower individuals to use their wallets to support companies whose actions are in accordance with their beliefs and avoid companies that are not, forcing firms to consider the 10 social conscious impacts of their market and align their operating activities to the top priorities of the communities they serve.

Team Members: Dominick DeFazio (Stern '18) and Rachel Harkins (Cornell University '19)

Tap Tap

2017 CmC Finalist

Tap Tap believes that no child should have to remain without adequate education. Working with communities in Egypt, we are focusing on providing education equality no matter the child’s gender, religion, or ethnicity. Through the creation of academic enrichment programs, we are aiming to provide tutoring at no-cost to orphans in the area. Tap Tap’s mission is to grant orphaned kids growing in third world countries “a pat on the back” by pushing them towards pursuing higher education.

Team Members: Aya Ouda (Liberal Studies '21), Kiersten Blake (CAS '20), and Alexia Leclercq (Gallatin '20)

The HeART Strings Project

2017 CmC Finalist

The HeART Strings Project aims to help children experiencing mental illness to find hope, passion, and light in art. Art is a healthy, beneficial, and effective way to grow the mind, heart, and skillset. We aim to teach them artistic skills that can act as coping mechanisms now and throughout their future as they grow into adulthood.

Team Members: Lily Hitelman (Gallatin '20) and Isabel Winn (CAS '20)

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