Notice of Program Closing

Gabriel Brodbar, the founding Executive Director of the NYU Social Entrepreneurship Program (aka Reynolds) has decided to leave NYU at the end of August 2018. This brings the program to an end as well. It has been an extraordinary run.
When he started the program in 2006, it was the first ever cross-university social entrepreneurship effort, and the third university-based program in the world. In planting our flag, we set out on a journey to realize two related goals. The first was to set the standard for how universities catalyze real-world social entrepreneurs. As this  program summary makes clear, we did just that. We have built a life-long community of amazing change agents from across the country and around the world. This in turn has inspired and catalyzed so many others. The progress of their work we so enthusiastically shared over the years (see current update) brings fresh inspiration, reminding us all of the transformative impact we are achieving across the globe. We are so proud of this community.  
The second goal was to ignite a culture of entrepreneurial and social entrepreneurial opportunities and practice in nearly every aspect of the university. The fruits of this effort are easy to find in the many extraordinary entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship programs and classes now being offered at NYU; The Grunin Center for Law and Social Entrepreneurship at the law school, the centrally located Leslie E-Lab, the W. R. Berkley Innovation Labs and the Business & Society programs at Stern, the Social Innovation program at NYU Wagner, and the many incredible maker spaces and incubators at NYU Tandon are just a few examples. NYU is an extraordinary institution, made more extraordinary by the ability to catalyze change agents irrespective of discipline or career path. A founding principle of our program was the notion that social entrepreneurship is a meta-profession under which many professions can fall. NYU has grown broadly and deeply in embodying that idea and that reality.  
Going forward, Gabriel can be reached through LinkedIn at