Performance of the Beijing Opera

Excursions and Programs

Programs will occur throughout the semester that will involve an exploration of Shanghai, nearby water towns, and out to the local cities such as Suzhou and Hangzhou.  Resident Assistants will be planning programs for your floor and hall community, and welcome your input and ideas. We also have a Program Board that can offer an opportunity for you to take advantage and create programs for your fellow peers.

NYU Shanghai groups have also traveled to the city of Chengdu into the Sichuan province to try some of the spiciest food in the world. The trips that you take with the program will introduce you to air and rail travel in China, and on long weekends and during fall or spring break you’ll have the opportunity to explore the major cities and less traveled regions of this expansive country.

The staff and the Resource Center can advise you on traveling and answer questions you may have.