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Spring 2013 Doctoral Program Research Lecture Series

SSSW Office for Research presents: Literature Reviews and Meta-Analysis (Dr. Jim Jaccard)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013
12:30 PM - 02:00 PM

1 Washington Square North The Parlor New York, NY 10003

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Mike McCaw

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This workshop will provide guidelines for conducting a literature review for purposes of publishing it as a stand alone article that contributes to scientific knowledge in a given area of study. In addition to traditional narrative reviews, we will consider state of the art methods for performing meta-analyses. In meta analysis, one collects quantitative information from multiple studies about relationships between variables and then treats each study as a data point for purposes of analysis. Statistical methods are then applied to combine that quantitative information across studies to summarize the strength of the relationships across all studies. There are numerous statistical challenges that arise when treating summary statistics from studies as data points rather than more traditional analyses of individual data. We will elaborate those issues and describe appropriate statistical tools for addressing them. There are newer methods of meta-analysis that have replaced more traditional meta-analytic methods and we will consider these newer methods. The meta-analysis portion of the workshop assumes knowledge of multiple regression and the basics of null hypothesis testing.