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NYU REYNOLDS Social Entrepreneurial Coaches


Vice President of Community Programs, Knight Foundation
Reynolds Social Entrepreneurial Coach
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Trabian has recently taken on the role of Vice President of Community Programs at the Knight Foundation. Prior to that, he served for four years as the US Co-Director of Ashoka, the world's premiere organization for social entrepreneurship. In that time, he found dozens of leading social entrepreneurs who fit Ashoka's strict criteria, he raised over $16M, and has led global fundraising trainings, global fellowship meetings, and multi-national induction ceremonies on three continents.

Mr. Shorters first rose to national prominence when he helped organize the citizen group that wrote the AmeriCorps National Service Proposal in 1992. Since then, he has run the Leadership Development Institute at the National Urban Coalition, Co-founded the National African American Males Collaboration (NAAMC) and was Washington DC's first "Technology Circuit Rider." Mr. Shorters has been named a Black History Maker of Today and nominated by Steve Case as a Smithsonian Laureate for his advancement of technology in service to humanity.

In 2000, he launched Technology Works for Good, a Washington DC-based nonprofit provider of technology support and training to other nonprofits. This award-winning initiative was launched in partnership with AOL Time Warner, Microsoft, Fannie Mae, and The Meyer Foundation who each agreed to give founding capital and their senior vice presidents to serve on the board of directors. Within two years, Technology Works for Good (now NPowerDC) became Washington DC's leading nonprofit provider of technological services to nonprofits of all sizes.