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Graduate Fellowship


Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service
Master of Public Administration, May 2011
Public and Nonprofit Management and Policy
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Courtney Montague's journey began in 2004, after graduating from the American University of Paris she traveled to New Zealand for an internship with Global Volunteer Network (GVN). This internship turned into a job and in 2005 Courtney Co-Founded the US based 501 3 c organization The Global Volunteer Network Foundation (GVN Foundation).

As the Co-Founder and Executive Director of GVN Foundation, Courtney has raised over $1.2 million to combat extreme poverty in Nepal, Vietnam, Ethiopia, S. Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Peru, the Philippines, Uganda, and Ecuador. The GVN Foundation has focused on funding projects that specifically address the needs of children living in poverty. These funding programs are holistic and provide a range of services from building schools in Uganda, to providing children with immunizations in Nepal, to paying for school fees for children to gain an education in Kenya. These programs are focused on addressing children's most pressing needs in the communities GVN Foundation serves.

In 2011 Courtney resigned as Executive Director of GVN Foundation to pursue her passion for social enterprise and fashion. She and her sister, Kelsey, started a handbag company called Hidden Baby. Each of Hidden Baby's products features Kelsey's original art work and Kelsey has hidden the outline of a baby within each bag’s design.

A portion of the profits from the company each year go to support organizations working on behalf of babies. Hidden Baby's first partner is Baby’s Space. Baby’s Space was started by an Ashoka Fellow and it provides safe and secure day-care facilities for babies in low-income communities throughout the USA.

Courtney and Kelsey believe in providing fashionable, functional products that also speak to a woman's values. They are creating a company that is at the intersection of fashion and social enterprise.

In addition to growing Hidden Baby Courtney is currently a project manager at the digital media and marketing strategy firm called HD MADE. In this role Courtney develops digital media and marketing strategies for her nonprofit and social enterprise clients.