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NYU Reynolds Changemaker (CmC) Challenge

Congratulations to the 2015 Changemaker Challenge Winners!

Please join NYU Reynolds in congratulating Xiaoyue Gong (NYU Shanghai), Andrew Chee (Stern), Yuting Gong (NYU Shanghai), and Yu Zhou (NYU Shanghai) of Aeolian for being selected as the 2015 NYU Reynolds Changemaker Challenge Best Overall Venture and earning the grand prize award!

Aeolian aims to combat the severe effects of China’s air pollution on the wellbeing of its large population by devising a smart indoor air control system for those who are constantly exposed to polluted air but find affording air purifiers financially stressful. Aeolian revolutionizes the existing Chinese air purifier market by empowering customers in an unprecedented way and providing access to clean air for a significantly wider range of the population.

NYU Reynolds would also like to acknowledge this year's 2015 CmC seed grant recipients, Karishma Bhagani (Tisch) of Matone de Chiwit; Abigail Lyall (Stern), Rahul Chabria (Stern), and Xinyi Fu (Stern) of MyDrop; and Tianpei Zhou (CAS), Li Huang (CAS), Rachel Law (CAS), and Yunqi Li (CAS) of Night Owl.

Matone de Chiwit aims to solve the global problem of lack of access to clean drinking water by creating and distributing cost effective water purifiers, made of traditional elements (sand, gravel, charcoal, cotton cloth and muringa), to the 17 million residents of Kenya who suffer from lack of access to clean drinking water. Eventually, the project aims to expand to a global scale, eradicating the lack of access to clean water in developing countries, and providing disaster aid to developed countries.

MyDrop’s mission is to use mobile technology to revolutionize the way that community service programs are conducted in high schools. They connect students looking to fulfill volunteer hours with nonprofit organizations in need of social media expertise in order to further socially impactful causes.

Night Owl strives to reinvigorate the stagnant volunteerism and hence lack of social development in China by acting as an intermediary platform, connecting non-profit organizations and individual volunteers. On one side, a centralized database of service opportunities; on the other, a channel of promotion, education and interaction for organizations and volunteers alike. Non-profits are given the resources to advocate and expand, while volunteers gained convenient access to service projects that suit their needs and interests.

This year's CmC participants were truly dedicated and passionate about making positive social impact. See below to learn more about all of this year's venture teams. We look forward to hearing about the success of their ventures!

NYU Reynolds CmC & Youth Venture BAC Teams

Check out all of the changemakers and their social venture ideas by clicking on the links below.