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NYU Reynolds Changemaker (CmC) Challenge

Congratulations to the 2014 Changemaker Challenge Winners!

Please join NYU Reynolds in congratulating Junyi Fei (Stern) and HaoJie Hu (Stern),of Up For Sky and Daniel Chen (Stern), Zena Hinds (Tisch) and Ina Zhang (Stern) of Unmasked Theatre Company for both being selected as the 2014 NYU Reynolds Changemaker Challenge Best Overall Ventures and earning the grand prize award!

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Daniel Chen (left), Ina Zhang (middle) and Zena Hinds (right)
Junyi Fei (left) and HaoJie Hu (right)

Unmasked Theatre Company's mission is to use elements of musical theatre for social change. They hope to reach a mainstream audience through shattering the pre-conceived notions surrounding mental illness while unmasking the inner battles that occur beneath the surface.

Up For Sky’s “Guardian Angel Project” aims to improve left-behind children’s psychological well-being by providing long-term companionship. They build connections between left-behind children and their Guardian Angels who will establish long- term, trusting, and supportive relationships. Left-behind children will develop life skills, engage with peers, and reconnect with their biological parents. Up For Sky leads left-behind children to discover their potential and therefore succeed in early education despite systematic economic and social disadvantages.

NYU Reynolds would also like to acknowledge Tanya Gupta (Gallatin) and Andrew Moon (Gallatin), 2014 CmC seed grant recipients for here there and EVERYwhere.

here there and EVERYwhere

here there and EVERYwhere
Andrew Moon (left), Tanya Gupta(right)

here there and EVERYwhere (htE) is a nonprofit transparent repurposed goods platform that empowers survivors of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Using ethical design concepts, they provide survivors with vocational training in sewing, embroidery, and crafts to bring new life to discarded items. Survivors are taught entrepreneurial skills to move towards financial independence. Creative expression is the primary method of garnering these skills while a tracking system called htE Dove allows donors and conscience shoppers to track their donations and purchases to learn more about the survivors and establish a lasting relationship.

This year's CmC participants were truly dedicated and passionate about making positive social impact. See below to learn more about each of the teams. We look forward to hearing about the success of their ventures!

NYU Reynolds CmC & Youth Venture BAC Teams

Check out all of the changemakers and their social venture ideas by clicking on the links below.